Funny Teachers Day Messages from Parents

Funny Teachers Day Messages from Parents

The best funny teacher’s day messages from parents are funny and humorous and are filled with funny quotes and funny smileys. The wishes can be sent with funny gifts for the teachers to bring a smile on the face of the teacher on the special day.

Following are attractive and funny samples of teacher’s day messages to convey to mentors by the parents:

1). I, as a parent wish you a happy teacher’s day and send you gifts for celebration. I hope you continue guide my son well to receive more good wishes next year or else be empty handed.

2). This text carries happy teacher’s day wishes from parent. I am happy to have you as mentor of my daughter, though the effort should be given more to reduce her inattentiveness.

3). Happy teacher’s day wishes through this text by the devoted parent. I hope you have received enough gifts for the day to not get anything from me as a token.

4). Heartiest teacher’s day wishes for the dear teacher from parent. Make sure my child excel well on exam to get a good token of appreciation or else the tuition count will be reduced.

5). Mentor, happy teacher day wishes to you from the parent. I hope your effort bring out good results to make my daughter a bright student failing which there will be less fees.

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