Sample Engagement Messages

Congratulation Messages for Engagement

When two people decide to spend the rest of their life together, getting engaged is the first prominent step they take to make this commitment formal. Wishing someone on their engagement shows our love and respect towards their decision. But often one is left thinking what to write. So here we are with a few examples as what can be written in sweet engagement messages.

Engagement Messages for Friends

Friends brighten up our lives. Their engagement is a moment hence worth cherishing. It seems like an add-on to our group of friends. A formal commitment between a friend and his beloved is definitely worth a toast.

 “It’s a treat to our eyes to see you both together, as a couple. It is delight to witness this auspicious moment so loads of love and wishes for your future.”

Engagement Messages for Sister

Regardless of all the fights and arguments, relationships with sisters have always been the most beautiful of all bonds. Engagement hence definitely got to be special. Bond of siblings is the mix of quarrels on meager things and unconditional affection.

“I am happy to handing over my thief of chocolates and ice-cream. Stay together always.  Wish you load of luck for your future new life”

Engagement Messages for Fiance

Fiance is a perfect combination of our best friend and lover. Hence to celebrate this bond the message has to be passionate too. It is undoubtedly one of world’s toughest tasks for a fiance to express his/her feelings to his/her would be on their engagement.

“You are gem of person and I am feeling blessed to have you as my fiance. You have made me feel as the most fortunate person on earth”

Engagement Messages for Brother

Brother are as cool as buddies and as strict as father so on the occasion of their engagement it is inevitable to be as happy and excited as himself. It is the delight moment to accept the life partner of your brother affectionately.

“Thank you for bringing home a sister-in-law for me. Wish you innumerable happy moments with you love. Congratulations to my strong brother and my sweet sister-in-law”

Engagement Messages from Parents

The engagement ceremony of a child is a beautiful moment celebrated by all parents who look at their son or daughter taking the big leap of commitment. Often, many parents send wishes and gifts for their children on their engagement. The wishes can be sent through text messages with notes of affection. The parents feel much proud on the engagement of their children whom they have seen grow up to be good individuals.

“Dear son, I wish you heartfelt congratulations on your engagement ceremony. I hope this commitment lasts forever and you both have lots of happiness in your lives.”

Engagement Messages for Son

The importance of wishes increases many fold when it is pure and genuine and any wish showered by parents is always blessings in disguise. The joy and happiness of parents cannot be hidden on the most cherished moment of their son’s engagement.

“Dear son congratulations for your engagement. Today when you are off to start your new life we just have one wish that you both stay happy forever and ever.”

Engagement Message for Daughter

Daughter’s engagement makes parents nostalgic about their whole life. As engagement signifies that their angel will leave their house and go to her life partner’s house. It is a moment filled with great joy and a deep pain inside the heart.

“We are extremely overwhelmed to see getting engaged to you love. Wish you both a peaceful loving abundant life ahead”

Engagement Message for a Couple

When a couple decides to get engaged it is a pivotal decision in their life. Thus the engagement message is a congratulatory message wishing the couple best wishes. After a long courtship a formal engagement is definitely a moment of celebration.

“Congratulations for promising each other to spend the rest of your life with each other. You both are simply made for each other”

Funny Engagement Messages

Congratulating a person with funny engagement messages is the best way to ease their pre marital cold feet. It is the best way to share your joy and tease your best buddy at same time. It demonstrates your cordial bond with the person getting engaged.

“Congrats and thanks for saving all the women of world by deciding to get engaged officially. Just kidding glad to see you both getting engaged”

Engagement Anniversary Messages for Wife

Engagements anniversary are celebrated to celebrate the promise made by two couple. It is the day on which you have laid the foundation of your married life. Take this day as an opportunity to make your wife feel special.

“Congratulations to my dear loving wife on our engagement anniversary. You are my light house. Thank you for bearing with me.”

Engagement Message for Husband

Engagement is the first step of being in a committed life for a couple. As such, reminiscence of the beautiful engagement for a husband and wife is always very special. The wife goes her way out to wish her husband on the engagement as well as on its anniversaries to come.

“Many happy moments your way on our engagement honey. I wish you all the love and cherished moments on this special day and forever.”

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