Engagement Messages For Fiance

Engagement wishes Messages For Fiance

Engagement is an occasion which brings two persons united for life and creates a special bond which further blooms into a beautiful nuptial bond in sometime. For a couple in loves, an engagement is the first step to make their love and their relationship taking a step further and is also the beginning of a new phase of their romantic relationship. the engagement wishes can be sent by a fiancée to her fiancé on the engagement day to show her love and feelings for the special day and also make the fiancé feel much loved and cared for. The engagement wishes can be sent through text messages, cards or through social networking sites.

Let us see some of the sample of cute engagement messages sent in different ways:

Engagement Anniversary Messages for Fiance

Engagement anniversary is celebrated after a year of the engagement. The anniversary is celebration of the beautiful engagement of the couple in love who united together a year before and have been together ever since. The engagement anniversary wishes for fiancé can be sent through beautiful cards with wishes and pictures or can also be sent through video clips to the fiancé on a DVD.

‘On our engagement anniversary love, I wish you a happy anniversary. I promise to keep the beautiful relationship of ours much stronger and lovely and hope for graceful cherished moments more in future.’

Funny Engagement Messages for Fiance

Funny engagement wishes for fiancé are humorous wishes and are meant to bring a smile to the face of the fiancé. The funny engagement wishes can be sent through cards where the fiancée can draw a funny picture on the card with the beautiful love note and wishes on it. One can also create a funny video for the fiancé and send the engagement wish with it on a DVD. It would make the fiancé fell much happier and loved by her.

‘It is our engagement darling, and your last chance of rethinking before your bachelor life. You wouldn’t get a chance to regret later, remember that. Have a lovely engagement sweetheart.’

Miscellaneous Engagement Messages to Fiance:

“It’s our engagement anniversary and I wish lots of love, congratulations and much happiness on this special day and for years to come on our committed life. Wish you a lovely anniversary sweetheart.”

“Hearty congratulations on your engagement, dear fiancé. Let this commitment be a bond of love and support for each other we share in our relationship and love remain forever.”

“Dear, if you need to rethink, this is the time. I wouldn’t let you look at any other hot babe from now on. Hearty congratulations for a happy anniversary love.”

“Reminiscing the beautiful moment we spent from the last year, all the dates, the love notes and all the romantic walks and dinners together, I wish you a happy anniversary and hope for much more moments of our together in future.”

“An anniversary of a year into our engagement let us come together and celebrate this joyous occasion with moments of love and fun together. Wish you a lovely engagement dear.”

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