Engagement Messages for Daughter

Engagement wishes Messages for Daughter

A daughter’s engagement is a special occasion for her parents who look forward to marrying off their lovely daughter to a befitting person for her. From the day the daughter is born, the parents dream of her growing up, living her dreams, getting engaged and finally marrying the prince of her choice. The happy engagement wishes for the daughter can be sent through text messages, cards or through social networking sites.  The parents can also send engagement wishes to the daughter in law to give her a hearty welcome into their family.

Let us see some of the samples of cute engagement messages to daughter sent in different ways:

Engagement Wishes for Daughter in Law

A daughter is a symbol of happiness, prosperity and good luck in a family. As such, bringing a daughter in law into the family equals the prosperity for the family who look forward to the engagement of their son and soon his marriage. The engagement wishes for the daughter in law can be sent through a beautiful card which would make her much loved and special.

“As you take the first step of a committed relationship today, we wish you happiness, prosperity and love on your engagement and welcome you heartily in our family. Have a happy engagement.”

Funny Engagement Messages for Daughter

Funny humorous engagement wishes can be sent through cards where the parents can draw a funny character on the card with the funny engagement wish on it. One can also create a funny engagement wish video clip and send it to the daughter on her engagement. This would bring a smile on her face and would make her happy.

“It is your engagement with the ‘so called prince charming’, though I would never believe that exists. Have a happy engagement daughter.”

Engagement Party Messages for Daughter

Engagement party is the celebratory party held after the engagement. The party includes feasting food and music and all the guests enjoy together. The engagement party is made more special by the engagement wishes sent by the friends and family for the daughter to make her day beautiful. The engagement party wishes can be sent through cards or text messages. One can also create an engagement cake and send the wishes on a card with the cake to make the moment more beautiful.

“On your engagement party, I wish you happiness and love through this beautiful cake I made especially for you. It’s your favorite flavor to make the special day more favorite and sweet for you. Have a happy engagement party.”

Engagement Congratulations Messages for Daughter

Congratulatory wishes for the daughter can be sent through beautiful cards sent with gifts of her choice. One can also send a beautiful bouquet of flowers and the card with the wishes for the daughter to brighten up her day and make it more special for her.

“I send heartiest congratulations my lovely daughter on your engagement day. I wish you all the love and luck in this world and may you have a prosperous life with your fiancé always.”

Sample Miscellaneous Engagement Messages to Daughter:

“For a lovely daughter who have always made me proud. May your beautiful engagement day turn out more special with lots of happiness and joyful moments your way.”

“Dearest daughter, I wish you a glorious and grand engagement ceremony. I love you a lot and bless you and your partner as you take the leap of commitment and deep loving relationship.”

“As you step into a committed life, I wish you love and happiness, today and always in future. Have a happy engagement.”

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