Engagement Messages for Friends

Engagement Messages for Friends

Friends are companions for life. Without friends, the world would have been much lonelier and life empty. An engagement of friend means a celebration or a get together of all friends. Friends from near and far arrive for the get together to celebrate in a special way. The best engagement wishes for friends can be sent through text messages, through cards or through social networking sites where one can upload a photograph of the friend and send the engagement wish with it. Let us see some of the samples of sweet engagement messages for friends sent in different ways:

Funny Engagement Messages for Friends

Funny engagement wishes are sent to bring a smile on the face of the friend. They are humorous and can be sent through cards with a funny character drawn and the engagement wishes for the friend written on it. In addition to that, a funny video can also be created with the engagement wish for the friend.

“Enjoy the last few hours of freedom as you dive into commitment and will soon start being on frequent calls from fiancée. I wish you a happy engagement and a good luck for your ‘call’ commitment.”

Congratulations Messages for Friends Engagement

Friends send congratulatory wishes for an engagement of a friend through cards, text messages and social network sites. A congratulatory wish from a friend is much special for another friend who has been together as friends from a long time and share a deep friendship connection with each other.

“Heartiest congratulations for a beautiful engagement friend. With you taking the first step of a committed relationship, I wish you happiness and moments of love with your fiancée forever.”

Engagement Card Messages for Friends

Sending cards with engagement wishes is a popular and another way of sending wishes to an engagement of a friend. One can purchase a beautiful card or also create a personalized one with beautiful friendly notes of the time spent together with friends and along with it the engagement wishes for the friend. Those cards would make the moment much special for the friend.

“I wish you a lovely engagement and years of happiness as you take the step of engagement with your beloved fiancée and enter a committed life have a beautiful engagement party.”

Engagement Invitation Messages for Best Friends

Engagement celebration is incomplete without best friends. Wherever and whenever the celebration might be, best friends are invited and they arrive and celebrate together the spirit of joy on the occasion. The invitations for the best friends are sent through cards, text messages or also through social networking sites where best friends and also other friends are invited together.

“As I prepare to take the first step into a committed relationship, I hereby invite you, my beloved best friend, to my engagement which to be held on 14th October at Green Pasture Lawns. Your lovely presence by my side is highly solicited. “

Miscellaneous engagement messages to friends:

“Wishing you a prosperous and a happy engagement party. May you have fun filled and lovely cherishing moments with your beloved fiancée on your engagement and always.”

“To my dear friends, I wish you all a happy engagement ceremony. Let this committed bonding bring happiness and love fill your life to gift you with shared moments of togetherness.”

“I heartily invite my beloved best friend to my engagement to be held on 6th may at Royal Club. Your sweet presence is highly solicited friend.”

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