Sample Condolence Messages

sample condolence messages

Condolence messages are written with an intention to share the loss of the bereaved and telling them that you are there to support and comfort them in these tough times. Such messages should be able to put your sentiments and sympathy in a warm and comforting manner. It is very important to keep in mind the tone of your message; it has to be polite, consoling and genuine and not highly spiritual so that your feelings can match the emotions of the bereaved in such sensitive times. Choose from the samples condolence text message for different relations that have been mentioned below or create your own messages.

Condolence Messages for Loss of Son

Every son is an apple of his parent’s eyes. The warmth, love and care that parents have for their son can not be expressed in words. He is not only the hope for the parents but also their reason to live. Losing one’s son to death is probably the biggest loss in life. Hence, writing few words can also be a challenge for the best of the writers.

“Death comes like a wind and takes away so much. It was really shocking to hear about the death of your son. Please accept my/our condolences and let’s hope that the soul of your son rests in peace.”

Condolence Messages for Loss of Mother

Mother is the first relation that we make when we come to this world. She is our first friend and our very first teacher who is always there to guide us and shower her unconditional love on us. She has a special place in our hearts and every child is deeply attached with his mother no matter how old he gets.

“Kindly accept my/our sympathies on such a heavy loss. Let us always keep her alive in our memories and hope that our prayers and wishes help her soul stay in peace and comfort.”

Condolence Messages to a Friend

Friends are the best relations as they are there with you in the happiest times to double your joy and also in the times of grief to give you strength and support. It can really be difficult to pen a condolence message to a friend because the tangents on which you talk and share your lives are very different and informal. But nevertheless you must communicate your warm feelings to them especially in difficult times.

“Death leaves us with a void which no one can fill but always remember that you are always an important part of my life and prayers and you will always find me standing next to you.”

Condolence Messages to a Friend on Death of Mother

Everyone sees a friend, a confidant, a guide and a teacher in our mother. Losing your mother means losing more than one important relationships in your life. The damage and grief that a mother’s death causes to our lives cannot be put in few words. Writing a condolence message to a friend on his mother’s death can be very challenging.

“Please accept my sincere sympathies in your extreme sorrow.  I am always there to share your profound feelings. Let us hope that the departed soul rests in heaven in peace.”

Condolence Messages for Loss of a Child

The death of a child would leave any parent utterly devastated and broken. The child is their love and hopes to carry on their family heir and as such, the death of the child is a major loss. Relatives and friends send condolences for the loss of the child through text messages to console them during the tough time.

“For dear friend, I am utterly sad for the loss of your son and send my condolences for the same. I hope Lord gives you strength and courage to travel through this rough time and overcome soon.”

Condolence Messages to a Coworker

Spending almost everyday with your coworkers makes them a special part of your life. And if there is demise in their family then we must extend our heartfelt sympathies to console them and tell them that we are there to support them in these challenging times.

“Words seem short to express our grief but we sincerely extend our sympathies and pray that God gives you strength to fight these tough times and courage to move ahead.”

Condolence Messages to Loved Ones

Writing a condolence message to loved ones is a tough task because it is really heavy to weave your emotions and feelings into the right words which can express you correctly.

“When a person dies, it is only his body that fades away but his precious memories always stay. Though the void that death creates cannot be filled but you can compensate it with your smile and memories.”

Condolence Messages for loss of husband

The loss of a husband is a major tragedy for any wife as she loses the most special person of her life. The husband, with whom dreams of living together and sharing special moments are spun by the wife, his death would leave her devastated. The condolences are sent to the wife by loved ones and family members to console her grief and make her feel less sad.

“For my dear cousin, I send my condolences for the loss of your husband through this text. Do have faith in the Almighty and I hope He gives you strength to sail through this difficult time.”

Condolence Messages for Wife

A husband is not just a life partner; he is a companion for life who means the world to his wife. Death not only takes away a husband, it also leaves the wife bereaved of his friend, lover and father of her kids. The loss is immense and no words can comfort the bereaved. Here is an example which can get you some help.

“There are no words to ease the pain the demise of your husband but please accept my sympathies. Remember that his love has left you with beautiful memories which you can cherish all your life.”

Emotional Condolence Messages

Condolence and sympathy messages without feelings and emotions can never communicate your feelings to the bereaved. There has to enough warmth and comfort in each word that you pen in your message.

“Never weep for someone who was once your delight. Remember the wonderful memories that you have built in with your father and good times that he spent with you.”

Condolence Messages for Sister

A sister is your best friend, your partner in crime and also your best enemy. There are so many colors to this beautiful bond with your sister. Nothing can compensate for the loss of a sweet sister who was once your ‘just-a-call-away’ friend. Read the sample message below which offers sympathy on demise of sister.

“The love and bonding that you shared with your sister does not end with her. She is still alive in our hearts in memories of the times that she had spent with us. Let us remember her with a smile.”

Condolence Messages for Parents

Loss of parents is life changing. Parents are the reason for our existence and their death takes away all the care and affection they showered on us all their lives leaving us with a vacuum in our hearts. No relation can take the place of our parents.

“I am really very sorry for the loss. The attachment and love you had for your parents can never fade and death cannot take away their blessings and love. Let us hope that their souls rest in peace and comfort.”

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