New Baby Congratulations Messages

Congratulations messages for new baby

The new baby congratulations wishes are sent to the parents as well as other members of the family on the arrival of the new baby in the family. The congratulations wishes would make the family much happier and joyful. The new baby congratulations wishes can be sent through text messages or through beautiful cards sent with gifts for the baby as well as the parents. One can also send the new baby congratulations wishes through social networking sites with baby photographs and wishes for the parents. One can also create a congratulatory video for the new baby and send it to the parents along with notes for them. Let us see some of the samples of new baby congratulations messages examples sent in different ways:

Funny New Baby Congratulations Messages

Funny new baby congratulations wishes are humorous and are sent to bring a smile to the face of the receiver. The funny congratulations wishes can be sent through cards with funny pictures or quotes. One can also send through text messages with funny smiley or through social networking sites by uploading a funny picture with the wishes. One can also create a funny congratulatory video and send it to the parents on a DVD.

“I send congratulations wishes for the new born and good luck for the sleepless nights, nappy changing and frequent waking up by crying of the new born. I hope you practiced that entire well.”

New Baby Congratulations Messages Grandparents

Grandparents are the happiest hearing the news of a new born in the family. It is because they get happiness with new addition to the family making it larger and also with the birth of an heir of the family. The new baby congratulation wishes for the grandparents can be sent through beautiful cards with gifts for the grandparents as well as through text messages with beautiful notes. One can also send a congratulatory video with love notes for the grandparents and send it to them on a DVD.

“For my lovely grandparents, I send congratulations wishes and all my love for you as well as the new born in the family. I know you are the happiest and I send gifts for you both to make your happiness tenfold and bring you moments to cherish.”

Sample Miscellaneous new baby congratulations messages:

“Girl, I hope you have enough sleep in the last few months to last the sleepless nights with your newborn soon. Congratulations and good luck with the tough sleepless nights fights. “

“Through this beautiful card, I send congratulations wishes along with gifts and love for you as your happiness turns tenfold with the arrival of the new born in the family. “

“Dear grandparents, I wish you congratulations on the birth of the new baby in the family and send you all my love and gifts for you and the new born to make her future brighter and lovely.”

“For my dearest grandparents, I send love and congratulations with the arrival of the new baby boy in the family. I am sure your happiness is doubled and more with the arrival of the heir in your family.”

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