Funny New Baby Messages

Funny New Baby Messages

Funny new baby wishes are of humorous nature and are sent to make the receiver happy and love with the messages. Cards with funny quotes, funny characters, funny pictures or funny sayings can be sent as funny new born baby wishes. One can also create a funny video clip recording the new baby wishes along with it sharing a funny moment of the newly parents which can be sent on a DVD. One can also send new baby wishes funny through social networking sites by uploading a funny picture and writing with it the new baby funny wishes. Let us see some of the samples new baby messages funny examples sent in different ways:

Funny New Baby Messages for Cards

Funny new baby wishes on cards are the funny quotes or sayings which a card has. These cards can be sent to the new parents to make them feel much happier. These would brighten up a smile on their faces and make their day.

“I hope you have all diapers and nappies ready for the new born. I pray you forget a nappy sometime and get all wet drown by your baby. Congratulations on your being a mother of a beautiful new born baby.”

Funny New Baby Messages for Boy

a new born boy brings a special moment for the parents as well as the family members. As such funny wishes for the parents would make them much happier than ever before. One can create a beautiful funny video stating all the funny things about the newly parents or funny moments of the parents when they were babies and send it along with gifts for the new born and the parents.

“I pray your baby boy be mischievous and keep on troubling you always like you used to do to me during our classes. What if I lost chance to pay you back, your baby boy would sure do it for me. Heartiest congratulations on the new born boy.”

Funny New Baby Congratulations Messages

Congratulatory wishes are sent through cards or text messages to the parents to wish them good luck on the new born baby. The wishes make the newly parents special and cared for by the sender. One can also send gifts along with the cards for the parents and the new born baby.

“I send heartiest congratulations for your new born baby and you, though not for the mischievous prankster husband of yours who always pulls my leg whenever he is near.”

Sample Miscellaneous new baby messages funny:

“I hope you are ready for all the sleepless nights and crying your baby brought as gift for you. Best wishes to go through that with ease and congratulations for the new born.”

“You gave birth to a baby boy! Don’t worry; I would announce a warning to all girls to stay out of your baby boy as he grows up. After all, you won’t like to keep drifting girls out of your son’s way all by yourself.”

“Congratulations! You are a proud mother of a baby girl! Do send me wine and good food as gift for as bearer of the good news to all our friends. They too would soon send messages with gifts request of their choice.”

“Finally I got a chance to drag you for a party, a new born baby boy. Wish you all the happiness and love in the world. “

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