Motivational Women’s Equality Day Messages and Quotes

Motivational Womens Equality Day Messages and Quotes

Women’s Equality Day is observed each year on 26th August. It was on this day that United States President in the Joint Resolution of Congress in 1971 proclaimed throughout the nation to commemorate to grant vote to women. Celebrate Women’s Equality Day by sharing inspiring messages with ladies around you and also to the men to remind them about the strength of a lady. Make sure you wish them all to celebrate gender equality in a special way.

In this post, we have come up with motivational Women’s Equality Day messages to send to all the women you know.

Women’s Equality Day Messages, Wishes and Quotes

1. It is not easy being a woman…. You have to constantly fight for your rights to tell the world that you are no less…. Warm wishes on Women’s Equality Day to you my friend.

2. Being a woman is truly special and never doubt it because you are the most superior of all the creatures in the world…. Cheers to the ladies…. Wishing you Happy Women’s Equality Day.

3. Women’s Equality Day is a reminder that it is our duty to treat all the women in the world with equality, keeping aside all the biases and stereotypes.

4. A woman can never be weak, she can only be strong, she can only be inspiring, she can only be what no one else can be…. Cheers to the spirit of woman… Happy Women’s Equality Day.

5. Always be proud to be born as a woman because you are truly special and you have the power to make it large…. Best wishes on Women’s Equality Day.

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6. Woman is gifted with the most important responsibility of creating a man, raising him and supporting him all his life…. She is not equal, she is above him…. Happy Women’s Equality Day.

7. We celebrate women equality because we fail to understand that how important a woman is in our life…. Women’s Equality Day is a reminder to wake up and enlighten ourselves.

8. If you are surrounded with women, you are truly blessed because you have bundles of energy, strength and patience around you always inspiring you…. Happy Women’s Equality Day.

9. The charisma of a lady and the will of a woman must never be challenged because if she decides something, she fulfils it with all her heart…. Warm wishes on Women’s Equality Day.

10. Let us celebrate Women’s Equality Day with a promise that we will always treat every lady around us with dignity and respect, we will never consider her below us.

Inspiring Quotes in Celebration of Women’s Equality Day

11. Gender Equality is a big goal, a goal that we have to work hard to achieve.

12. Women’s Equality Day will have more meaning when they will get what they deserve.

13. Treat women equal to men to balance this world in the right way.

Fine collection of International Women’s Day Messages contains many fabulous women’s day wishes. These today’s greeting messages on International women’s day will be fun to share.

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