Krishna Janmashtami Messages, Greetings, Quotes and Wishes

Krishna Janmashtami Best Wishes and Messages Whatsapp & Facebook

Happy Janmashtami Messages 2023: Krishna Janmashtami is an important Hindu festival which celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna who is considered as the 12th reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. It falls in the months of August or September every year. Devotees fast on this day and then enjoy a great feast after the birth of Lord Krishna. On this pious occasion, sending Janmashtami festival messages to family and friends is an important ritual. People share Krishna Bhagwan messages in Hindi, Radha Krishna love messages in English to send Janmashtami messages and wishes to everyone around them.

Make it a day of celebration on Janmashtami by sending beautiful Janmashtami wishes to your loved ones. Send these unique Happy Krishna Janmashtami messages and wishes on Facebook, WhatsApp to the ones you love the most.

We have come up with a collection of Krishna Janmashtami messages to help you wish your near and dear ones.

Krishna Janmashtami Messages, Greetings and Quotes

Celebrate this pious occasion with Krishna Janmashtami messages and Janmashtami quotes to share with family and friends. Wish everyone with beautiful and unique Janmashtami greetings messages in English that promise to fill every heart with high spirits.

“Wishing you a vibrant, vivacious and fun-filled Janmashtami with your family and friends and lots of blessings from Lord Krishna to fill your life with new hopes.”

“May all your dreams come true with beautiful wishes of Lord Krishna…. May there are more opportunities for you to move ahead in life…. Happy Janmashtami.”

“Warm wishes on Janmashtami to you my dear…. Devote yourself in service of Lord Krishna by observing fasting and enjoying the festive celebrations.”

Happy Krishna Janmashtami Wishes

Make it a memorable day for your dear ones with lovely Janmashtami messages. Cute Janmashtami wishes and Janmashtami quotes add more fun and spark to this day. Have these Happy Janmashtami wishes in English shared with your family and friends on Facebook, WhatsApp.

“Wishing a very Happy Krishna Janmashtami to you…. Wishing you new and vibrant colours of happiness, health and success to make it a wonderful festive occasion for you.”

“May you are always surrounded with blessings of Radha Krishna to bless each and every day of your life…. Happy Krishna Janmashtami to you.”

“Wishing you memorable celebrations on Janmashtami with your loved ones…. Offer prayers, observe fasting and enjoy feasts on this special occasion.”

Happy Krishna Janmashtami Wishes

Celebrate this day with Happy Krishna Janmashtami wishes and Janmashtami messages. Share with everyone cute Janmashtami wishes and Lord Krishna blessing quotes and messages.

“The only way to find peace and happiness in life is by devoting yourself in the bhakti of Lord Krishna and doing the right thing. Happy Janmashtami to you.”

“The pious occasion of Krishna Janmashtami reminds us that there is nothing beyond karma and dharma. Wishing a very Happy Janmashtami.”

“Let us celebrate the festival of Krishna Janmashtami by offering prayers to Kanha, by fasting and by cooking chappan bhog for him. Happy Janmashtami.”

“The celebrations of Krishna Janmashtami are incomplete without bhajans and makkhan. Let us celebrate this day with the two things that were very dear to Kanha.”

Krishna Janmashtami Greetings Messages

Wish your family and friends with Krishna Janmashtami greetings messages. Have the beautiful Happy Birthday Krishna status and Janmashtami messages in English shared with everyone around you.

“Wishing a very Happy Krishna Janmashtami to everyone. May Kanha is there to mentor us like he mentored Arjuna and bless us.”

“When you have Kanha by your side, there is nothing to fear and there is no confusion in life. Wishing everyone a very Happy Janmashtami.”

“With the blessings of Kanha, I wish you always progress in life to become a happier, healthier and more successful person in life.”

“May Lord Krishna is always there to guide us towards a better life. May he is always there to empower us with courage to always stand for Dharma. Happy Janmashtami.”

Lord Krishna Blessing Quotes, Messages

“May Lord Krishna shower us with all his love and blessings. May He is there to hold our hands and mentor us through the tough times of life. Happy Janmashtami.”

“On the occasion of Janmashtami, I pray that Lord Krishna is always there with us as our strength and guide. Warm wishes on Janmashtami to everyone.”

“Kanha has the power to solve all the mental complexities we face. He has the power to bring clarity into our lives. Happy Janmashtami to all.”

“The only thing Kanha desires from his devotees is that they always follow the path of dharma. Let us celebrate Janmashtami by promising to never give up on dharma.”

Lord Krishna Status in English

“Warm wishes on Janmashtami to everyone. May Lord Krishna bring into our lives eternal joys and smiles on this special day.”

“Let us make it a memorable Krishna Janmashtami for everyone by indulging in feast and festivities. Happy Janmashtami to all.”

“With the love and blessings of Lord Krishna, there are no fears in life and there is only happiness around. Warm wishes on Krishna Janmashtami to everyone.”

“Wishing a very Happy Janmashtami to all those who love Krishna. Let us celebrate this day by thanking Kanha for his love and care he has always showered us with.”

Happy Birthday Krishna Whatsapp Status Messages

“Let us make it a beautiful Happy Birthday for Krishna by treating him with his favourite feast and by offering our warm prayers. Happy Janmashtami to everyone.”

“We are blessed to be celebrating the birthday of Lord Krishna. Let us offer him our prayers and seek his blessings for a better tomorrow.”

“May the occasion of Janmashtami be all about celebrations and festivities with our family and friends. Wishing everyone a very Happy Janmashtami.”

“Let us celebrate Janmashtami with bright colours and happy souls. Let us thank him with our hearts for all our blessings. Happy Janmashtami to all.”

Janmashtami Wishes for Girlfriend and Wife

“I wish that our love blooms till eternity like the love between Krishna and Radha…. On the occasion of Janmashtami, I wish Lord Krishna showers us with happiness and harmony in our lives.”

” To the most wonderful wife, who has always stood by me during the toughest times… I wish you a very Happy Janmashtami…. I wish our life is always blessed with blessings of Nand Lal.”

” To me, you are as precious as Radha is to Lord Krishna…. On the festive occasion of Janmashtami, I wish our bond of love stands all the challenges of time and live forever.”

“Your love is like the sweetest blessing by Lord Krishna…. It is pure, it is eternal and it is precious… Sending my love and warm wishes on Janmashtami my love!!!”

Lord Krishna Janmashtami Messages for Friends

“Janmashtami is a reminder that truth has the power to always win…. My dear friend, I wish you always follow the right path and always enjoy success in your life…. Happy Janmashtami to you.”

“The celebrations of Janmashtami are incomplete without a feast… May you are blessed with 56 bhog and love of Lord Krishna to always work hard and get success…. Warm wishes on Janmashtami to you.”

“Today is a very special day as Lord Krishna was born today, to fight against inhumanity, to restore our faith in good…. Sending my love and warm wishes on Janmashtami to you.”

” If you are Kanha then I am Sudama…. May our bond of friendship be as strong and as beautiful as shared by both of them…. Wishing you a very Happy Krishna Janmashtami.”

Krishna Janmashtami Wishes for Family

“Today is the day of fortune and love….. Because today is the day of birth of Lord Krishna….. Who arrived in our lives as a lover, a friend, a mentor and also a God….. Let us make this day special and memorable….. Warm wishes on Janmashtami to you.”

“He is the only God whom we know by different names, who is known for his cute pranks, who is known for his preaching on Karma, who is known to be a true friend and an inspiring God…. Sending my love and wishes on the pious occasion of Janmashtami which celebrates Krishna!!”

“If things are going as per your desire then you are fortunate but in case they are not going the way you expect them to go then you are double lucky because they are happening the way Krishna wants them to be, the way they are the best for you….. Happy Janmashtami.”

” On the pious occasion of Janmashtami, I wish that Lord Krishna always shower us with happiness, harmony and prosperity…. Warm wishes on Krishna Janmashtami to all.”

” Let us celebrate Janmashtami by fasting, by offering prayers, by preparing 56 bhog for Nand Lal to make it a memorable day…. Sending best wishes on Janmashtami to my lovely family.”

“If nothing is happening in your life as per your will then it is happening by the will of Kanha… Let us bow to Him and accept His blessings… Happy Janmashtami to the most loving family.”

1″Let us offer our prayers to Laddu Gopal and thank Him for showering his love and blessings on our family, for all the happiness and prosperity…. Wishing you all Happy Janmashtami.”

Janmashtami Wishes Messages For Husband

“Dearest husband, I am Radha to you and you are Krishna to me…. May our marital bond is always blessed with love, respect and understanding…. Happy Janmashtami to you.”

” I pray to Kanha to always help you walk the right path, to always bless you with success, to always be a wonderful human…. Warm wishes on Janmashtami to the most amazing husband.”

“My only wish on this pious occasion is to bless our married life with eternal love and happiness…May our bond of love is as strong as that of Krishna and Radha. Happy Janmashtami.”

“I wish that the occasion of Janmashtami bring in your life happiness and prosperity, success and glory with blessings of Laddu Gopal…. Wishing you Happy Janmashtami.”

Happy Janmashtami Wishes Message for Customers

“I pray that Lord Krishna comes to your life and puts and end to all your troubles by showing you the right path to follow, by inspiring you to perform your duties and making it a happy and contented life for you….. Happy Janmashtami to you!!!”

“On the special occasion of Krishna Janmashtami, we wish that Kanha comes in your house and steals away all the Maakhan and leaves away lots of happiness and prosperity for you and your loved ones….. Warm wishes to you on Janmashtami.”

Short Janmashtami Greetings Message to Employees

“May the flute of Shyam invite the melody of happiness in your life….. May the smile of Krishna bringing contentment in your life….. May you are always inspired to perform your duties with happiness and complete responsibilities…. Wishing you Happy Janmashtami.”

“On the occasion of Janmashtami, let us all seek blessings of Lord Krishna because he has always taught the right path to follow, the right things to do….. Let us keep doing our karmas and leave everything else to the Almighty…… Best wishes on Janmashtami.”

Lovely Krishna Janmashtami Message in Hindi

“Krishna hai jinka naam…. Gokul hai unka dhaam…. Pyaar aur dular ki hai wo murat…. Janmashtami manane ka aa gaya hai shubh muhurat. Happy Janmashtami.”

“Har pal jinka naam pukaron, har ghadi jinki raah taaku…. Kab denge darshan Krishna bhagwan humein aur har lenge saare dukh aur kashta humare….. Wishing you Happy Janmashtami.”

” Krishna ki mahima apaar hai…. Unke hriday mein sab ke liye pyaar hai…. Rehte hai humare dil mein wo, Nand ke Lal humare Laddu Gopal Hain…. Janmashtami ki badhaiyan!!!”

“Palke jhukayein, sheesh ko nivaye, vandan karte hain hum Kanha ka…. Ghar aayein wo humare aur saath manayein Janmashtami ka ye paavan parv.”

Janmashtami Status Messages for Facebook and Whatsapp

“May Lord Krishna shower his blessings on all of us… Wishing you Happy Janmashtami.”

“Janmashtami is a special occasion…. Celebration of Kahna’s birthday and his teachings.”

“Happiness, love, blessings… May you are showered with everything you desire this Janmashtami.”

“May Lord Krishna come to your house to celebrate the festival of Janmashtami.”

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