Inspirational Funny 4th Of July (American Independence Day) Slogans, Sayings

Inspirational Funny 4th Of July 2018 (American Independence Day) Slogans, Sayings

United States commemorated on July 4th, 1776, the adoption of Declaration of Independence. Since then, Fourth of July or July Fourth is celebrated as Independence Day of USA. On this federal holiday, celebrations are organized all across the country. People celebrate this significant occasion by sending famous quotes, Happy Independence Day Messages USA and best Fourth of July slogans to their family and friends.

We bring to you patriotic slogans for July 4th and famous quotes for 4th of July Facebook and Whatsapp status. Make it a happy Fourth of July 2018 using these wonderful messages and quotes celebrating the American Independence Day.

Funny Catchy 4th Of July Slogans

1. Time to thank veterans for giving us 4th of July….. Happy Independence Day America.

2. The best way to come in this world is to be born as an American….. We are truly blessed!!!

3. United we stand and divided we all fall…. Cheers to United States of America and our independence.

4. Nothing feels better than breathing air that doesn’t smell of colonialism…. Lucky we.

4. We born in a nation that is not only free but also prosperous and happy…. Happy 4th of July to all.

5. God has always been generous on Americans and our growth and prosperity is the proof.

7. We rank amongst the best nations in the world and we deserve to be because we are United States of America.

8. The credit of our happiness and freedom goes to all the veterans who gave us a present for life.

9. With no sacrifice, there is no independence…. With no independence, there is no life…. We are independent, so live it to the fullest.

10. Sun and moon, grass and trees, everything feels much better when you are free…. Warm wishes on July Fourth!!!

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Clever fourth of July Captions

11. This land will be a land of free and independent people till the time it is also the land of the braves…. Happy July Fourth to everyone.

12. Our flag is a combination of bold stripes, bright stars and brave stars…. Together they define America and Americans. Wishing you a very Happy Independence Day.

13. Red signifies energy and courage….. White signifies peace and innocence…. Blue signifies justice and when three are put together, they signify America.

14. Baseball and beer….. Apple pie and fireworks…. United States of America are defined by them…. Warm wishes on July Fourth to you.

USA Independence Day Quotes, 4th of July Sayings

15. Be grateful to your nation because it is not just your identity but also your Motherland…. Warm wishes on 4th of July to everyone.

16. Whenever we join each other’s hand, we have a united land…. Together we can stand strongest and the happiest….. A very Happy 4th of July to you.

17. A country is successful only when its people are happy and healthy, prosperous and growing…. Cheers to our nation which is definitely successful… Happy July Fourth to all.

18. Listen to the inspirational music of the band…. Enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the land…. It is a big stretch from mountains and sand because our country is very grand.

Patriotic Independence Day (USA) Quotes – Inspirational Happy 4th of July Quotes

19. Independence comes after paying a heavy price for it and therefore, it must be cherished and always thanked for…. Warm wishes on 4th of July.

20. May the Independence Day is full of happiness and joy, freedom to think and act, express and explore…. A very Happy Independence Day to you.

21. 4th of July is a date of utmost significance to every American because it is on this day we achieved our freedom from colonialism.

23. Always remember the reason why we are celebrating Independence Day and we will never take it lightly.

American Independence Day Jokes – Funny 4th of July jokes

23. We are definitely not the reason we are free and independent but we will definitely be the reason behind the future of our children. Happy 4th of July to you.

24. Without freedom, you have no identity, no name and no life….. Always value your freedom and keep it safe.

25. Freedom to a person is what oxygen is to life…. No person has lived a life without freedom, he has just been alive and not living.

26. Cost of independence cannot be calculated but its value is more than anything else in this world…. Wishing you a very Happy 4th of July.

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