15 Catchy Easter Slogans and Sayings – Bunny Slogans

Best Easter Slogans and Sayings - Bunny Slogans

Easter celebrations are incomplete without Easter slogans and sayings. These Easter slogans are perfect to share with family and friends. Funny Easter slogans, cute Easter slogans and lovely Bunny slogans promise to make it a more memorable Easter for you and your dear ones.

Here are some of the best Easter messages, Easter slogans and sayings to share. You can have these Easter slogans for business or Easter slogans for your loved ones.

Good Easter Slogans and Sayings

“Easter is a symbol that reminds us of hope and new life.”

“Easter is the time for all souls to bloom”

“On Easter, you must enjoy and not bother for looking eggs.”

“Easter is here because Easter bunny is all set to come.”

“Enjoy Easter and forget all your worries.”

“If you are a true Christian then Easter Sunday means a lot to you.”

“If there is no Easter then there will be no Christmas.”

“May you have an Egg-cellent Easter!!

“Jesus was the one to pay the price and we must keep the change going.”

“Don’t forget to pray on Easter!!!”

Best Funny Easter Slogans

“Easter candies are so yummy that they are meant to go down in your tummy!!!”

“Keep calm and just enjoy the Easter!!!”

“Easter comes once a year, so make the most of it.”

“Easter is all about making everyone happy, but first make yourself happy.”

“Make it a Easter full of Eggs and hearts full of happiness!!!”

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