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Independence Day is the celebration of love, liberty and freedom. Every country celebrates this day to salute those martyrs who sacrificed their love to get the independence for the country. Every state has its own history to be independent from the rules. In India, 15th August is observed as the Independence Day as in 1947, the country battled over the 200 years of British Rule to declare the state as an Independent country on the same Date. As a citizen of the country this day is very important for us and that is why messages are sent to all to wish them for being an independent and urge for contributing to make good for the country. The collection of sample Happy Indian Independence Day 2018 Greeting Messages and Quotes is given here to give your expression the words, you can customize it as well.

Independence Day Messages for Friends

On the Independence Day, send greeting messages to your friends with full of inspirational thoughts to make a perfect country. Your words can motivate others to take an initiative to make proud the memorial of the past. Your motivational message to friends calls for change for the betterment of the country.

“No nation can be perfect in all its sense, but we can make it perfect with our sacrifices and contributions. So give a better nation to our next generation. Happy Independence Day.”

Independence Day Messages for Boss

Sending Independence Day message to boss is celebrating the freedom of life. Send your wishes and thoughts in words to your boss and celebrate the moments including everyone. The message for boss can be an inspiration to have a better future.

“On this special day, I wish your dream of a new tomorrow come true. Let fear goes out of your life and enjoy the freedom in your expression. ”

Independence Day Wishes and Messages for Students

Students are the future of the country and Independence Day for them, should be an idea to live a life fearlessly. The history of the past and meaning of freedoms can make a great effect on them that lead them to build a perfect nation. Independence messages for students express the sermon of the past sacrifices.

“Independence Day is a precious gift of the martyrs with that our mind can stay without fear. Value those sacrifices and promise yourself to make a beautiful nation in the future.”

Independence Day Text Messages for Youth

Youth are the hope of any nation; they can raise their voice and can fight against all odds of the country. They can maintain the glory of the past and can take the nation on high. Independence Day message for youth make them realize which are the best things for the country.

“Thousands surrendered their life for the independence that we enjoy today. It is our turn to make them proud with our deeds and thoughts to build a wonderful tomorrow.”

Independence Day Messages to Teacher

Teachers are the source of inspiration who can spread their virtues and ethos to many people. Wish him/her with a beautiful Independent Day Message that makes him proud. Your words express your thoughts and emotion.

“I wish you a happy Independence Day. It is not the celebration for one day, but we celebrate it today and always by giving the voice to the voiceless and making an independent identity.

Independence Day Messages to Employees

Every organization sends messages and quotes to employee to celebrate for being independent. The words expressed in the message have a deep meaning for the country. An Encouraging message feels them proud to be the citizen of the country.

“Pay homage to all those who brought this independent for us. Feel the joy of being independent and keep promising to do your duty as a responsible citizen.

Independence Day Message to Colleagues

Celebrating your Independent Day sending messages to all of your colleagues and move them with your thoughts of having a perfect nation. Enjoy this day by taking an initiative for the country. A message gives expression to your dreams.

“Always keep freedom in minds and faith in your words, and then nothing can stop you to fulfill your dreams. Never forget the past, it is the inspiration to give the best in the Future. Happy Independence Day”

Sample Miscellaneous Independence Day Messages:

“We are country of various religions and customs, languages and culture…Let us celebrate Indian Independence Day by coming together, uniting against all the odds as one big country.”

“Let our heart enjoy the happiness of being free…. Let our soul soar high on this wonderful occasion…. With all my heart, I wish Happy Independence Day to all my dear ones.”

“Freedom is on our minds and faith is in our hearts….Pride is in our soul and love for the nation in our blood…. Warm wishes on Independence Day…. Let’s make it a cheerful day!!!”

“Thousands of men laid their lives and thousands of mothers sacrificed their sons to bring freedom to India…. Let us value and celebrate it with pride…. Happy Independence Day.”

“Fortunate are those who are born in free India… Independence Day is the time to remember all those who struggled to get us freedom and gifted us an Independence India. Jai Hind!!”

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