15 Slogans on Independence Day by Freedom Fighters in English

Slogans on Independence Day by Freedom Fighters

India gained independence from the Britishers on August 15, 1947. Many Indians fought for our country during the lengthy war for independence. Let us recall the noble efforts of numerous freedom fighters who fought for independence of our nation and helped to make India one of the world’s largest democracies on this Independence Day.

We have come up with Slogans on independence day by freedom fighters, slogans of female freedom fighters, slogans on patriotism, India independence day messages, independence day slogan 2023 in English in honour of the great Indian freedom heroes and their freedom movements.

Most Inspiring Slogans on Independence Day by Freedom Fighters in English

When compatriots fight together, a whole dynasty may be shattered.

Give your life for the sake of your country’s independence.

Every country has the right to self-determination.

You only have one life to live. It’s either do or die for your country.

Our life’s spirit and breadth is freedom.

Feel patriotic and passionate about your nation.

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Everyone in the country must struggle for independence.

Dedicatedly fight for your country’s independence.

The struggle against oppressors liberates us from them.

Start freedom movements against dictators with zeal.

Raise your voice in opposition to tyranny and dictatorship.

Take a stand against oppressors’ violence.

The country’s independence is based on unity and integrity.

A country must never be ruled by oppressors.

Every person has the right to be free.

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