Catchy 15th August Slogans – Happy Independence Day Slogans

Indian Independence Day Slogans, 15 August Slogans, patriotic slogan

Short and impactful 15th August Slogans are a great way to send across warm wishes on this auspicious occasion. Share with your family and friends, famous patriotic slogans that will inspire every heart. Send these Happy Independence Day Slogans in English as Happy Independence Day Messages to your dear ones to make it a happier day for all.

We have shared the newest collection of Happy Independence Day slogans in India. With the best slogans on freedom Fighters in English and Hindi, share your love for nation on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram.

Catchy Slogans on Indian Independence Day (15 August)

“Many lives were sacrificed to give many others a good life.”

“Independence doesn’t only need a heavy price to be paid but also lots of efforts.”

“Independence is a blessing and you must cherish it the most.”

“We may be independent but we are still far from creating a perfect nation.”

“They left an independent nation for us and we must fulfill our duties the best way.”

“They fought, they sacrificed, they never gave up and finally we got independent.”

Best Slogans on Independence Day for Students & Children

“Always value independence because this is something which has come to us after decades of slavery.”

“We are blessed to be born in a free country and we must always thank God for it.”

“An independent nation is what we got and we must make it a progressive nation.”

“They left us with a free country and asked us to make it a beautiful, healthy, happy nation.”

“Contribute to your country in whichever way possible and that will make a big difference.”

“15th of August is an inspiring day for every Indian as it reminds us of all our duties.”

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Best Slogan on Independence Day in Hindi

“Jiske liye desh sabse pehle aata hai, uska desh prem hi sarv shreshta kehlata hai.”

“Desh ki seva mein jisne apna jeevan hai lagaya, maano usne moksha ko hai paaya.”

“Yeh swatantrata ke liye humne bahut kuch hai khoya, aao saath milkar swatantra bharat ko sarv shreshtha bharat banayein.”

“Bharat desh hai veer aur jawano ka aur isi liye humne ek aazad desh mein janam liya.”

“Ek desh banta hai apna khoon aur paseena de kar…. Ek desh banta ka samarpan se, tyaag se.”

“Desh ko unhone swatantra banaya par desh ke bhavishya ka bhaar hum par hai aaya.”

Slogan on Indian Independence Day by Freedom Fighters

“You give me blood, I will give you freedom- Subhash Chandra Bose.”

“Inqalab Zindabad- Shaheed Bhagat Singh.”

“Vande Mataram- Bankim Chandra Chatterji”

“Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it- Lokmanya Balgangadhar Tilak”

“Satyamev Jayathe- Madan Mohan Malaviya”

“A blow to the sticks on my head will prove to be the nail of the casket of the British rule- Lala Lajpat Rai”

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