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miss you text messages

I miss you has a very loving meaning and it also expresses how much a person loves his/her loved one. It does not need much to say and a simple I miss you message brings your every emission out to your closed one. Whenever we are not there with the person whom we love, we miss them and to let them know about the feelings your miss you message conveys your thought. Express your emotion of sad, romantic, funny and loving and anything through your words and give your girl/boy a warm love. Are you looking for a sweet romantic missing day messages for your loved one, the place gives you the widest collection of I miss you message sample for you.

I Miss You Messages for Boyfriend

You are away from your boyfriend and you want to tell him lots of things about your feeling. A sweet romantic I miss you message carries your true emotion to him to tell him how much he is missed. Gives words a feeling of your love.

“The joy of love makes our life wonderful, but the pain of I miss you makes me realize how much I love you and how much you are special to me. Life without you does not have any meaning. I miss you.”

I Miss You Messages for Husband

When you are in a long distance relationship, you miss your husband a lot. A message gives the meaning to your emotion and let you write what you feel without him. A loving text message brings you close to your husband and gives the best wishes.

“No distance is big enough to stop me thinking of you; even you are miles apart, I can see you in my close eyes. Come back soon and I miss you.”

I Miss You Messages for Girlfriend

You want to express your love to your girlfriend, especially when you are not around her. The feelings and the pain that you have, you write it down in words. The message full of your love makes your girlfriend special to you.

“Memories are such that when we together, it does not come, but when I am alone, it crowded into my mind. You know how much I miss you now.”

I Miss You Messages for Wife

You miss your wife and want to tell her, you are missing her very much. As you are not there to behold her, send a sweet text fills with your emotion and love. Your message is enough to express your emotion in words.

“Words are not enough to express my feeling, I want to tell you when you are not with me, I feel a void in my life, which your side can fill it only. Miss you and love you.”

I Miss You Messages to a Friend

Friendship makes our life beautiful and when you stay apart from our best friends, we miss them and miss all the beautiful memories we spent together. Miss you message for friend comes with funny and loving note.

“Without you, no coffee break is funny, no gossip seems spicy, no story has a real feeling. Come back and make alive those moments again. I miss you a lot my friend.”

I Miss You Messages for Family

Family is a word where love and affection stays always. When we are going away from our family, we miss their warm affection and love. Miss you message for family carries your feeling to your belonging and tells them about your feelings of being apart.

“Going away from your family is leaving behind the fondness, affection and love, without which life is nothing. I feel the pain and I miss you a lot.”

I Miss You Messages for Sister

Sister is one with whom you can share your emotion, secret and love. If your sister is not with you, you really miss her as you have no one who can support you in your every step. Send sweet message to your sister expressing all your feeling to her.

“Without you, there is no race to come first; without you, there is no sharing of love and trust. My secret remains secret as you are not there, my morning wake up never be fun loving without your disturb. I miss you my dearest sister.”

I Miss You Messages for Mom

Mother and child relationship is a relation of loving, caring and affection. Our heart cries whenever we go away from our mother as we miss her healing touch. Send a sweet miss you text to your mother to let her know you are missing her and her side.

“I wish I’d there on your lap and give away my all sorrow with your sweet voice of affection. Your gentle touch on my forehead heals my every pain, but how can I heal it staying away from you. Though you are in my heart, but I want your warmest hug. I miss you Mom.”

I Miss You Love Messages

Send your love message to boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife and all your close ones, let them know you miss their presence. Your words express your feelings and miss your message give them the best wishes in their love.

“Your presence brings meaning of my life, your smile makes me shine, your breath gives the reason of my heart beat. Without you, the world around me is not real, it is better to trip down on the lane of our sweet memory. I miss you. ”

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