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A romantic I love you message can make your loved one feel special to you. I love you message that brings out your true emotion to your close one and make your special moments alive. I love you day message makes your girlfriend/boyfriend happy, especially when one is angry. It is not just a message, but it is your feelings and caring for your special person. With the words, you want to tell that you always want to be with him/her. The message brings the warm feeling and even in the long distance relationship, the couple can stay close. If you are searching for the sweet and romantic I love you messages, the place presents a good collection of message sample for you.

I Love You Messages for Girlfriend

Write a romantic I love you message to you girlfriend to let her know how much you love her. Your emotions take words to express and your girlfriend also feels the same feeling. Give your love to her through an emotional text.

“It is true you are miles apart from me, but I can feel with my every heartbeat, because you know you are always in my heart. You are the reason of my life; beyond you, my heart does not know how to beat. I Love You. ”

I Love You Messages for Husband

The relationship of love is all about loving, caring and sharing. When you are missing your husband, send a sweet text explaining your feelings. The words spread the magic of love and your husband will also feel happy. The message for your husband is also for wishing him best of luck in the future.

“Millions of words are not enough to express my feeling for you, only one thing I can say is I am incomplete without you. I always want to be with you till my last breath of life. I Love you my dear. ”

I Love You Messages for Wife

Send a romantic loving message to your wife to tell her about your feeling. Explain your feelings in a romantic or poetic way and bring out your true emotion to your love. Your words make your wife feel special and the message gives her the warm feeling of love.

“I wish I hold you in my arms and never let you go; when you are with me the world seems new, even argue seems sweet when it is with you. Be it happy or sad, I am always there to share all your moments.

I Love You Messages for Boyfriend

Write a cute message for your boyfriend and bring out your emotion what you want to tell her. Your words have a true expression of your love that makes your relationship stronger. Express your feeling without him and say what your mind want to.

“I want to walk with you a long way holding your hands, putting my head on your arms and leave the world behind. You make my life with your love and I love you forever.”

I Love You Messages for Mom

We all are close to our moms and they understand our each feeling with their fondness and affection. I love you message to mom gives your mother a sweet and emotional gift from you that makes her happy. Your message carries your emotional attachment with your mother.

“I first stepped up in this world with you, then you let me go to stand me on my foot alone. Your caring kiss and your warm touch heals my every pain and only you can understand my every silence. I love you mom.”

I Love You Messages to a Friend

Friendship is the most loving relationship in this world and I love you message to your friend bring a sweet smile on his/her face. Your words explain how loving relationship you share with each other. The message pours some funny moments that you have spent together.

“If life means living, then friendship adds happiness and fun in life. I am lucky that you are my friend who never complains. From Tiffin sharing to coffee break, without you there is no means of fun and entertainment. ”

I Love You Messages for Her

Send a nice romantic message to her that carries your emotion. Let the words speak of your mind to your loved one so that she can understand your feeling. Tell her how much you love through a message and bring out true feelings for her.

“You are the one with whom I can share my feelings, you are the one who makes me smile, you are the one, with whom I want to spend my whole life. I love you,”

I Love You Messages for Him

I love you message for him is all about your emotion and feelings that you want him to know. The text describes your each emotion in a romantic way to let you know. Your message explains everything to him on behalf of you.

“In my crying, I want you, in my smile, I want you, in my loneliness, I want you. If it is love, then I love you and I always want to love you. Because I know my life lies in you. ”

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