I Love You Messages for Boyfriend

I Love You Messages for Boyfriend

I love you message for your boyfriend is all about presenting your emotion of love to him. The message gives your boyfriend the best wishes and it brings back the moment you have spent together with your boyfriend. The words of the message tell about your journey and it gives you both a sweet memory of love. Your sweet and heart touching message makes your boyfriend feel special to you. The words of the message take care your feeling of love. Here we present a beautiful collection of I love you messages for boyfriend. You can go through the samples for the message ideas.

Find and share short national I love you day wishes messages with your beloved. You can send them to your loved ones via Text/SMS, Facebook, Whatsapp or other social networking sites.

I Love You Messages for Ex Boyfriend

Write your feelings for your ex-boyfriend and tells how much you miss him. The message expresses your thought in a beautiful way and it lets your ex-boyfriend know about your love. Present your thoughts through the words.

“Some memories never wipe out from the heart and the days I spend with you always hold a special position in my life, you may go away, but cannot take those moments along with you. Miss you.”

Funny I Love You Messages for Boyfriend

Write about your emotion to your boyfriend in a very sweet and cute way. The message brings out your love to your boyfriend in a romantic way and presents your emotion beautifully. The message deals with the light mood, but it tells about your emotion in a heart touching way.

“It is our relationship of love and fight; we fight and argue the way others do, but we love each in our own way and that shake off all worries, every pain and every feeling of discomfort; our relation is loud and calm, it is loud in love and calm in peace of heart. I love you.”

Miscellaneous samples of I love you message for boyfriend:

“Your love binds me to you and the bonding becomes stronger as the time goes; sharing my pain with you, gives me relief, sharing my joy with you, make me smile. I love you from the core of my heart and I want to spend the rest of life within your tight hug. I love you.”

“God gives me life and you give me your love; promise to keep me in your heart and never let me go. Living the life for me means loving you and nothing else, hold me in your arms and spend the life rest. I am happy with you and love you.”

“It is true, no distance can make us apart, but it gives me pain; the tears rolling down when I miss your presence. It is true, the memories with me to take me in the past, but I always want you to be my around to make my today wonderful.”

“You come into my life to give me all pleasure of living; you give me the wings to fly, give me the love to be confident and take all pain to make my life happy; you are no less than a magician, with your touch, I forget all my worries and take a dip into the peace of world. Love you.”

“Love is the beautiful emotion of life and it is the only thing which happens without any reason; I love you is the truth of my life and I always be there with you and never make you alone. Looking in your eyes, make me smile, your presence makes me happy, without any reason.”

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