Funny I Love You Messages for Boyfriend

Funny I Love You Messages for Boyfriend

Sharing a romantic and sweet relationship with your love of life gives you the ultimate joy. With your boyfriend, you have shared so many emotions and loving moments, you can pen down the cutest one in your message. The message is funny, but your emotions are true that make him feel special at the same time brings a sweet smile on his face. Make the mood delight with the love message framed in a witty manner.

Here a nice collection of I love you messages for boyfriend is presented below:

1). Life is beautiful with you; joy has its bright color to paint my smiles, even the tear has a relieving sense when you are by my side. You are everything for me, so be with me always and forever. Love you.

2). The story we write together has the emotion of smiles, love, affection and even tears. It also has many ups and downs, but only thing the makes this story the sweetest among all is our love for each other. Love you.

3). Give me a tight hug and never let me alone, take me in your arms and let me leave my all worries behind. For living the life, I want your love and nothing else. Be with me always forever. Love you.

4). Sharing life together with you makes me the richest person by love, affection, care and fondness. Being with you makes the wrong things right. As long as you are with me, I don’t need anything in my life. Love you.

5). We argue, we fight; but we love each other above all; with you, I am even ready to cry, because I know you are there to dry out my tears. I love you and I will always be with you.

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