I Love You Messages for Ex Boyfriend

I Love You Message for Ex Boyfriend

In our life we have taken so many rough decisions that make us sad later. Breaking up with boyfriend is one of those decisions that hurt after. If you still have the feelings for your boyfriend, you can send a love you message to him to express your emotion. You can present your heart through a message that let him how much you miss him. Add your personal thoughts to make the message loving.

Here a collection of I love you message samples for ex boyfriend is presented below:

1). You go away and forget everything what we had in the past; I wish I could do the same, but I cannot. The feeling for you is still the same in my heart and I love you even today.

2). I am living my life only with the hope that you come back again and make me your own. I never think you become ex for me, you were there, you are now and you will be mine always. I love you.

3). The memories I have cherished never make me alone, no matter wherever you go. There is no one who replaces you from my heart, because you are the love of my life. I love you forever.

4). I wish wherever you are, you will be happy and charming just like before. If one day time makes you remind me, never hesitate to call. It is true, we broke up, but I didn’t wipe out all our moments of love.

5). We both took the decision to part away, but some feelings never die; I gave you a special place to you and it remains the same as you left; it can be fulfilled by you and no one else. I love you.

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