I Love You Messages to a Friend

I Love You Messages to a Friend

I love you message to a friend is a way to express your feeling of happiness to your friend and the words of the message give a thank you note for supporting you always. Friends are a beautiful part of our life and we don’t imagine a life without friends. Your love you message to your friends expresses your thought to your friend and it always brings you closer to him/her. We present a unique and nice collection of I love you message to a friend that helps you to present your emotion to your loved one.

Funny I Love You Messages to a Friend

Bring a sweet smile on your friend’s face by sending a funny I love you message to him/her. The message presents you emotion through a funny way. You can send your text with a gift or a card to your friend.

“Life would be hell if you are not with me; my gossip may remain secret, fun and entertainment might turn back to me; no smile had ever appeared on my face if you didn’t come into my life. I am lucky to have you as my friend. Always be my friend forever. ”

I Love You Messages to a Sick Friend

Write a beautiful note for your friend and let him/her know how much you care for your friends. I love message to a sick friend is all about cheering your friend mood by bringing some fun loving past memories. A text message can express your true emotion.

“Our memory made our yesterday alive, and our hope makes the tomorrow beautiful and our today give us the reason of life. As long as you are with me, I can feel the every bit of joy in my life. You always stay in my heart and I never make you alone.”

Miscellaneous samples of I love you message to a friend

“Sharing my pain with you gives me a great relief and sharing my smile with you broadens my happiness. It is the true emotion I share with you and I wish you always be my friend forever. Thank you taking me such a joyful ride with you.”

“A true friend is one who scolds you in your wrong, who praises you in your success and who guides you in you need and who always takes your side and never stop believing you no matter what the situation is, you are my true friend and I love you.”

“Friendship is a bonding of love, where even silence can speak the tale of the hearts, where tears are shared and so are the smiles. A friend always supports you even after your mistake. You are the one God sent for me to enjoy the life.”

“You are my friend of fight and love; but we are happy what we are; be always the same and stay forever in my heart; in our relation, there is no complain and no but; I will be your friends as long as I live.”

“I locked you up in the room of my heart and throw away the keys so you never come out from there; be with me in my joy and pain; you are the smile of my every gain. Never let me alone and I will always be with you.”

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