I Love You Messages for Mom

I Love You Mom Messages

Express your emotion and love to your mom with a sweet and cute I love you message for mom. Mother is the most precious gift that God sent in a child’s life, who always protects you from any situation. You have learned all emotions, love, fondness, kindness and everything from your mom, so write a beautiful message to express your love to her. You can write your message on a beautiful card and send it with a beautiful gift. We bring a beautiful and loving collection of I love you message for your mom and you can go through the samples for the message ideas.

I Love You Messages for Mother In Law

Send a beautiful loving message to our mother in law to make her feel special. Express your emotion beautifully and make the bonding even stronger. The message is all about your feeling and about your love that lets her know how much you care for her.

“I didn’t think there will be someone who is just like my mom, the same love, the same care and the same fondness, but when you welcome me, the bonding we share is only made of love and emotion. I love you mom.”

Funny I Love You Messages for Mom

Write a funny love you message to your mom and brings a sweet smile on your mother’s face. This funny message carries your emotion to her and tells her about your love. A text brings out your emotion to her express the sweet bonding of love.

“Dear mom, from your womb to the real world, from the age of my toddler to the time of standing tall, you are always with me to make my journey easier; I learn the meaning of love and I learn the meaning of care from you; today I want to say that I sometimes forget is I love you.”

Miscellaneous samples of I love you message for mom:

“You extend your finger to give me support when I didn’t know how to walk, today, though I am big enough, or even I can run, I need you always. You are no less than a magician who can understand my untold expression. I love you mom.”

“When the world turn against me, you never stop believing me, even after I fail, you give courage to stand again and face the challenge of life; your touch heals my every wound and gives me the confidence to move ahead in life.”

“In your lap, I can leave behind worries and I can sleep in peace. You make my life beautiful to give what you have, you are the best mom in the whole world. You never say no to make my dream true, I am blessed to have you.”

“The only and last time, a mother smiles at her child’s cry after giving her birth and till then a mother gives everything to bring smile on her face. I am the lucky one and proud to be your daughter; today you may be my fan of work, but there is no one like you because you are above the best.”

“I am scared when I am alone, but you are there always to hold me in your arms; I love you mom and no one can understand my silent better than you. You give me your life to live, you give me your smile to be happy. You are the world’s best gift that I have.”

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