I Miss you Love Messages

I miss you love messages

I miss you love messages are sent from your loved one to tell you that he/she is missing you. This miss you love message brings a romantic feeling to your loneliness. If it is your wife or girlfriend whom you miss a lot, then send a sweet text to your loved one expressing your feelings. It is a romantic note that makes you feel special to your closed one. You can write funny, cute or sad miss you message with your emotions. If you need some best I miss you love messages, we present a loving collection of I miss you love message, missing day messages samples here.

I miss you love messages for her

You are away from your girlfriend or wife and you miss her a lot. You want to express your feeling and pain to your loved one to let her know about your emotion. Your message expresses your thoughts beautifully to your loved one.

“I have no control over my emotion and it is rolling down from my eyes in the pain of being away from you. I lose words to express my feelings to you. I can only say I miss you and soon I will be with you.”

I miss you love messages for him

You may not be with your boyfriend or husband, but it does not mean you cannot express your feeling to him. Write a miss you love message to him as to let him know how much you miss him. Your words explain your pain and emotion and it also makes your boyfriend special to you.

“I wish I would have a magical spell so I could be with you every time, but it is not possible, so I feel the pain. Without you, I love to stay in my world of imagination where you and I there and no one else. I miss you. ”

Funny I miss you love messages

We all love the smile on our loved one’s face, especially when you are away from him/her. A funny miss you love message present your love in a humorous way so your loved one cannot feel sad but feel your emotion very wittily.

“I miss your hug that says I need you; I miss your presence that says I feel special when you are around; I miss your smile that says everything is okay; and I miss you that says I love you.”

Sample Miscellaneous I miss you love messages:

“Thinking about it is hard to stay away from you gives me more pain, so I started thinking of the time we will meet again, it gives the joy of togetherness. I miss you.”

“I don’t know what the future stores for us, I do not know how life will be changed with time, but what I know is I love you today and always. I always want to be with you. Miss you.”

“My all desire and hope start and end with you. My heart wants you with its each beating; my breath wants to feel your presence and I want to meet again. Miss you so much.”

“To live my life, I don’t need many things; only a place in your heart, a smile of your face and a tight hug from you. My world is complete with it. I miss you.”

“I miss those moments where I have spent some beautiful times leaning my head on your shoulder. I can let go my every worry when I am with you. Miss you so much.”

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