Funny Baby Shower Message to Couple

Funny Baby Shower Message to Couple

Funny baby shower wishes are humorous and are meant to make the couple smile and feel good. The wishes can be sent on a card where the sender can draw a beautiful character and write the message on it. One can also create a funny video with the baby shower wish and send it to the couple on a DVD. The funny baby shower wishes will make the fun and jolly occasion more special for the couple.

Let us see the samples of funny baby shower messages to couple sent in different ways:

1). Through this text I would extend my wishes for the baby shower. Now that you are to be parents, get used to sleepless nights for your baby to be.

2). Finally I will have my peace of mind when the cute couple will lose sleep over changing diapers and feeding your baby. I send wishes for the baby shower event.

3). Dear couple, I extend my heartfelt wishes for the baby shower occasion. Though I couldn’t make it to the event, I hope you have noted down a treat for me later on.

4). To the lovely couple and parents to be, I would advise you take diaper changing classes. You can consult me for the classes as I am a pro and would charge you just a bit.

5). Sweet couple, I wish your child be as mischievous as you are and would disturb you with pesky tricks just like you did to me. Wishes for the baby shower occasion.

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