Funny Engagement Messages for Wife

Funny Wife Engagement Messages

Funny engagement wishes are humorous and will make the wife happy and smiling. The funny wishes can be sent by the husband through cards with funny characters and the engagement wishes written on it. One can also create a funny video with the engagement wish and send it to the wife.  The engagement wishes for wife are to celebrate the engagement day of the couple.

Some sample funny engagement messages that you can send to your wife are given below.

1). I don’t think that you need any gift on your engagement. You are getting such a priceless and lovable person you don’t need anything else. Happy Engagement.

2). Sending you this card on our engagement. I don’t have money to spend on your gift because the engagement ceremony is costing me too much. Anyways, Congratulations.

3). Through this card, I am sending you lots of love and good wishes. I hope you are not expecting anything else. Congratulations on our engagement, my dear wife.

4). On our engagement, I am surrendering my freedom to be with you. This is the most valuable gift for you. You need to take care of it. Congratulations on our engagement.

5). My lovely wife, I hope you celebrate our engagement with me and not with your girlfriends like you always do. Wishing you a happy engagement.

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