Funny Invitation Messages for 1st Wedding Anniversary

Funny Invitation Messages for 1st Wedding Anniversary

Funny invitations for the 1st wedding anniversary are humorous and are meant to bring a smile on the face of the receiver, either the husband or the wife. The funny invitations for 1st wedding anniversary can be sent through text messages with funny smiley or through cards with funny characters or funny quotes. One can also create a funny video with the funny moments shared between the couple and the anniversary wishes and send it to the partner.

Good collection of funny invitation messages for 1st wedding anniversary to send with love are given below:

1). Dear friend, I send this invitation for my 1st wedding anniversary to be held at my home. Do arrive with lovely gifts or else you would be deprived of the main dessert of the evening.

2). For my sweet sister, best invitation messages for you for the 1st wedding anniversary of my parents. Do come on time or else I would issue a no entry for you if you are late like always.

3). To my dear cousin, sending invitation for the 1st wedding anniversary of my sister. Do come for the event dressed up nicely unlike the last time you were dressed like a disaster.

4). This text for my friend carries invitation message for 1st wedding anniversary of mine. Do gift me the dress you promised to and have been pending ever since last month.

5). For my dearest, I send this invitation messages for the 1st wedding anniversary of my parents. Make sure you come with a special memento for me too even if it’s not my occasion.

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