Funny Break up Messages to Him

Funny Break up Messages to Him

The funny break up messages for him can be sent to the guy through text messages along with best funny quotes. The funny smileys which are humorous would bring a smile on the face of the guy and would make him feel good despite the break up.

Some sample funny break-up messages are given below that can be sent to him.

1). I am happy that I broke up with you. Now I realize how happy I am without you. Don’t come back in my life ever because its goodbye to you forever!

2). Saying I Love you to you was the funny thing I ever said to anyone. It’s good that we are not together anymore. Because my life is much better without you.

3). I want to break up with you. And I don’t feel sad saying it to you. Just to let you know I wont miss you , so just go out of my life so I can enjoy my life.

4). I really regret spending my precious time with you. You were really not worth it. But at least now I am making a wise decision by breaking up with you. Don’t ever show your face to me!

5). Something funny happened, you know what. I don’t love you anymore and I feel relieved saying this. You are not the perfect one for me. So just get lost out of my life.

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