Funny Away Messages for Work

Funny Away Messages for Work

Inform your colleagues and friends that you are away from the work with a funny away message. The message may be written in a funny way, but it gives the information regarding your leave. This away message brings back a smile to your close one’s face. The words of the message present your funny sight to your friends and it gives a pleasant surprise to them.

A collection of sweet and funny away message samples for work is presented below:

1).I turn on the do not disturb option for you all, as I don’t want anybody makes problems during my vacation. Away from work, I am going to enjoy my days in a loving way. I am sure you all miss me. Bye

2).Now it is my turn to make you all jealous. Do you know why? Away from this boredom, I am going to fly in the vast sky of happiness. I made a request, please don’t call or message me, I will be unreachable.

3). If your phone says I am unavailable, then don’t think you are free. You can enjoy your time until I return. I am out of my work to enjoy my holiday. Hope you love your freedom for some days. Bye.”

4).I am sending you a notice that says please do not interrupt my vacation. If you breach the line, you are prosecuted with a charge for disturbing my peace and happiness. Hope you understand it; if not, don’t dare to call me.

5).I am currently going out to get my brain back as it may sink into the loads of files. Don’t be worried, I will get back soon, once I find it. Till then, protect your brain from the extra load and work pressure. Be happy.

6).I am out of the office to enjoy my vacation. Kindly note that I am unavailable for some days and don’t send unnecessary miss you message and make my inbox full. If you do so, I forward those to your mailbox again.

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