Funny I Love You Messages for Husband

Funny I Love You Messages for Husband

Whether your relationship with your husband goes into the trouble or it goes in a romantic way, sending a funny love you message to husband is the best idea to rejuvenate the memories of the past and it makes your relationship more romantic and charming. If you are going through the tough situations, then this message brings a sweet smile to your loved one’s face and make him feel happy. Frame your message beautifully.

Here a nice collection of funny I love you message for husband is presented below:

1). Some say staying with one partner throughout the life does not make any sense; but I say if the partner is like you, then they don’t have such complaints. As you have many emotions that make you different each time. Love you.

2). It is true, we argue, it is true, we fight, but it is also true we love more than anything else. Now it seems; the more we fight, the more we love each other. Be the same always and never change. Love you.

3). You are a nice husband as you know how to handle my cries, smiles, anger and love. But the only thing that makes me annoyed is I never stretch my mood for so long, as you make me calm. Love you.

4). Being with you is difficult, but not impossible and you should praise me for attempting this risk, not matter about its success. Still, I think you are the perfect for me. Love you.

5). The time is not the same as it was a long year back when we met each other first; now we are old, black hair turn white; the tight skin turns loose and eyesight becomes hazy, but the love for you remain the same and it is evergreen. Love you.

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