Professional Away Messages for Work

Professional Away Messages for Work

When you are away from your work, you need to inform your colleagues and superior that you are out of work for some reasons. You can send a professional away message to them and can inform them that you won’t be able to handle a charge as you are away from the work. The message gives the details of your departure or arriving date so that your office can arrange a substitute of yours. If you are informing your clients, then you mention the name of person, who looks after the matter in your absence.

A list of professional work away message samples is essayed below:

1). I would like to thank you for your message, but I regret I won’t help you right now as I am unavailable from [departure date] to [arriving date]. If you have any kind of urgency in between, kindly contact the other person in office.

2). I am out of work for a few days, so it will not possible to look after the work. I would request you to contact my secretary for any kind of information. He will assist you the best. If you are still not satisfied, I will contact you once I get back to work.

3). I am on a leave and I cannot answer your message as I have limited access of network here. If the matter is very much essential, then do not hesitate to contact other employees in the office. I am sure they will be happy to help you.

4). I appreciate your cooperation and once again I request you to cooperate with us. As I am unavailable, I cannot look after your matter. If you want, you can contact others to solve the problem; else you are requested to wait for some days.

5). Thank you for your message. I am out of work for 5 days and cannot contact you in between. If you need any kind of immediate assistance, ask for my secretary. I will contact you, once I resume my work. Thank you and hope you consider this.

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