Away Messages for Work Email

Away Messages for Work Email

You can set up an away message whenever you are on a leave as to inform your office and colleagues that you are away from the work. You can also keep the email message in an automated mode, so that whenever one emails you, he/she can get an automated reply that says you are out of work and give other details, which are necessary. Away message for work email is an essential thing that informs your clients and office that you are not able to take work due to your leave.

A collection of away message samples for work email is listed below:

1).Thank you for your mail, but I regret I cannot reply you as I am out of work now. If you have any urgency, you contact others in our office. Hope your queries are solved before my arriving. I will get back to you, once I start working again. Thank you.

2). This is to inform you that I am away from my work for some days and I cannot handle any charges in between. I would like to request you to contact my secretary for any kind of urgency. Thank you for your cooperation.”

3). I would like to thank you for your mail, but I am out of the office for some days. As I don’t know how long the leave will be, you are requested to reach others in the office. They are very cooperative and handle your matter skillfully. Thank you.

4). I am away from my work and I have a very limited access of the internet here. Right now, it is not possible for me to reply your mail. I will contact you after I arrive. Before then, if you have any urgency, ask others for help.

5). I am sorry as I cannot reply back to your mail. For the immediate assistance, you can reach other people in the office. If you prefer to wait, then I will be happy to help you. Thank you for this consideration.

6). I am out of station for some days, you are requested to consult with my office if you need any kind of help. I will reach you once I back to my work. I would like to thank you for your cooperation.

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