Funeral Messages

Funeral Messages

A sweet funeral message is a way of expressing your heartfelt feelings, deep emotions and grief on someone’s death by telling how much you care about the family of the deceased. These are simple thoughts that you want to put forward about a person who is not with you anymore. Death is the most sensitive time where you find it a challenge to convey your varied feelings by summing them up in few words. Here are some of best samples of cute funeral messages which will help you express your feelings in the best possible manner.

Funeral Messages for Flowers

Sending flowers on funeral is a way of expressing your grief. It can be very tough to decide what message to put on card. Below is a sample funeral message for flowers which is short and sweet enough to express your feelings.

“Please accept these flowers as an expression of our heartfelt sympathies. You are always in our prayers and thoughts.”

Funeral Messages for Babies

Lots of emotions and feelings are attached with a baby who is the only reason for the parents to smile. On death of a baby, it is really a difficult task to say a few words to comfort and console the parents and the family.

“Finding reasons in the death will never give us any answers. Have faith in the Almighty for he will welcome the child in his open arms.”

Funeral Messages for Grandfather

Grandfather’s attachment and bonding with grandchildren is truly precious. Losing one’s grandfather to death is a serious loss and writing a sympathy message at such a sensitive time can be a tough task. Here is a sample to help you.

“I can feel the grief that you must be experiencing on the demise of your grandfather. He was a great man and we all loved him. Let’s pray that his soul rests in peace.”

Funeral Messages for Grandmother

The funeral wishes for the grandmother are sent during her funeral ritual when it is conducted by the family. The funeral of a grandmother includes the burial and mass prayers for the soul of the deceased. The funeral wishes can be sent through text messages to the concerned family members. The wishes would lessen the grief of the people and give them courage to overcome the loss during the tough times.

“Dear sister, I send my loving wishes for the funeral of your grandmother tomorrow. I pray to the Lord to bless her soul with peace and she is happy wherever she is.”

Funeral Messages for Christians

If you have to write a funeral message for Christians, for those who believe in Bible and Jesus then you must make sure that you present the positive side of death and appreciate it as a decision of Jesus. Well here is an example to make this task easier for you.

“Look at Death as a door to eternity and a beginning of new life. Honor the decision of the Almighty and pray that the soul finds peace in heaven.”

Funeral Messages for Unbelievers

For those who live and die as atheist must be respected for their belief. If you are confused about what to write in the funeral message for unbelievers then have a look at the sample which can be of some help.

“The person who has left us all will always be an important part of our memories and thoughts. Let’s remember the good times spent with him and move ahead in life.”

Funeral Messages to a Friend

Friendship is one of the most beautiful relationships. It is a spectrum of wonderful colors and flavors. Losing a friend to death is a big loss which can never be expressed in few words.

“Though you have left us and hearts are filled with deep sorrow and grief but you will always keep us happy and smiling with your precious and beautiful memories.”

Funeral Messages to Dad

Father is not only the head of the family but he is also the protector and the savior who keeps is always there for us. Expressing your emotions, feelings and thoughts for him in a couple of words is beyond imagination. A short and simple funeral message sample is given below to make it easier for you.

“Dad, you have been the best father to us. Though you are not on earth anymore but you will always be happy and alive in our memories.”

Funeral Messages to The Deceased

Death comes with a shock and leaves our lives completely changed by creating voids that can never be filled. The wonderful memories, experiences and feelings attached with the deceased are hard to summarize in few sentences.

“It is really difficult to forget the impression and influence you had on our lives. You have left us with such great memories that will keep you alive in our hearts.”

Funeral Messages for Wife

A wife is the best friend, the lover and the partner for life. She makes your life special and wonderful by adding more colors to it and giving you more reasons to smile. Losing your wife is like losing your friend for life.

“Having you in life made my life worth living. You will always be the most special person in my world and I just hope that your soul rests in peace in heaven.”

Funeral Messages for Veterans

The heroes who sacrifice their lives in the service of the nation truly deserve the honor for living and dying for their country. They are an epitome of sacrifice and patriotism.

“You lived like a hero all your life and you will always be remembered as a wonderful man by your family and friends and the nation will remember you as a man of dignity and honor.”

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