Funeral Messages to Dad

Dad Funeral Message

A father is the head of the family and the support strength as well as the guiding star for the children. The loss and funeral of a father is a deep sad moment for the children as one experiences the loss of the beloved one and the strength of the family. The funeral wishes for the father can be sent through cards with condolence and sympathy notes for the other family members. One can also send funeral flowers along with condolence wishes for the dad and the family. Sending funeral messages video clips along with funeral flowers and notes for the family is also a good idea. Some of the samples of funeral messages for father examples are given below:

Funeral Flower Messages to Dad

The children can send funeral flowers for the wreath placed on the departed’s coffin. They can also send funeral wishes through cards and condolence notes to the family members. The funeral wishes can be accompanied with notes describing the beautiful moments shared with the dad written on it.

“For my lovely father, who has been a great guiding star, I send funeral flowers and condolence wishes for the family to pass this tough time. Dad, you will always be in my heart forever and I pray to the Lord to bless you with eternal peace.”

Funeral Messages from Son to Dad

For a son, the loss of a dad is a grieving moment. The son loses the person he looks up to for advice; the son loses the companion who taught him the values and rules of a good life. The son can send funeral wishes through cards and also through funeral video clips for the family members.

“This funeral card is for my lovely father with whom I have endless shared cherished moments. Through this card, your son prays to the Lord to bless you father, with eternal peace and love wherever you are. I also send strength and support to the other family members during this tough time.”

Funeral Messages to Dad from Daughter

A daughter is a darling for a father who dreams of her upbringing and wedding and her life from the day she is born. As such, the loss of a father leaves the daughter completely shattered and numb as she loses her guiding star and the lovely person of her life. The funeral wishes from the daughter shares the lovely moments the daughter and the father shared.

“On your funeral father, I send all my love for you through this card as you lay down to rest. I pray to the Lord to bless you with eternal peace wherever you are, dear dad.”

Memorial Messages to Dad

Memorial wishes for dad share the lovely memories the children have with their father. The memorial wishes also sends love for the father wherever he might be. The memorial wishes can be written down on cards with beautiful verses of love along with funeral flowers for the dad.

“Dear dad, you will always be my best guide and will always be in my heart and memories forever. With the lovely moments we shared every day, your love will always be there with me and I pray to lord to give you peace and happiness wherever you are.”

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