Funeral Messages for Unbelievers

Funeral Message Unbeliever

Funeral messages for unbelievers are the messages which are sent to the individuals who are non believers. Such messages should be able to provide comfort to the individuals who have lost their loved ones. We should respect the belief of atheist. Below are some sample messages that you can send as funeral messages for unbelievers.

1). The person who is no more with us will always be in our memories. We wish the soul a safe journey to Heaven.

2). Birth and death is in God’s hands. Whatever comes to this earth has to go someday. Let us bless the person who has left us in his journey to meet the Almighty.

3). Death is not the end of life but it’s the beginning of a new life which we ignore to see. Let us bless the soul so that it rests in peace and begin a new life.

4). Death cannot be avoided and it should be looked upon as a way of meeting God. Death is not the end of life but a beginning of a beautiful journey.

5). Let’s remember the good times spent with the person who has left us. We wish the departed soul a safe journey to Heaven.

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