Happy Friday The 13th Birthday Messages, Wishes 2023

Happy Friday The 13th Birthday Messages, Wishes Images

In the Western culture, Friday the 13th is considered to be a very unlucky day. Every year, at least once, 13th date falls on the Friday. And if you know someone who is going to be celebrating his or her birthday on this day then you must send them Happy Friday the 13th birthday wishes to make it even more special. Share with them Friday the 13th messages or Friday the 13th funny Text messages.

Here is a collection of Friday the 13th birthday messages to share. Send these Friday the 13th WhatsApp status and Facebook messages with the ones who are going to celebrate their birthdays on this day.

Happy Friday the 13th Birthday Wishes

“Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and a very wonderful Friday the 13th ….. There is some spooky ghost is waiting for you with a cake and a masked face.”

“Only special people get the chance of celebrating their birthday on Friday the 13th and you are the special one, a special killer who can kill with his looks…. Happy Friday the 13th .”

“Is it a coincidence that you are going to be celebrating your birthday and also Friday the 13th or is it a signal that you have the killer instinct…. Best wishes on your birthday.”

“I am very confused about wishing you….. Shall I wish you a Happy Birthday or shall I wish you have a safe Friday the 13th ….. I think I shall wish you have a Happy and Safe Birthday!!!”

“It is Friday the 13th …. Though it is an unlucky day but surely a very lucky one for you….. Best wishes on Friday the 13th  and your birthday to you.”

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Happy Friday the 13th Birthday Messages

“They say it is all in the mind…. Don’t think of it as Friday the 13th but think of it as your birthday and make the most of it…. Happy Birthday!!!”

“You have not one, not two but three reasons to celebrate this day…. It is Friday, it is Friday the 13th and it is your birthday….. Enjoy this day…. Best wishes on your birthday.”

“Sending my warm wishes on your birthday which has fallen on a very special day….. Friday the 13th ….. May you are safe and you enjoy this amazing day!!!”

“Friday the 13th may be unlucky for many but it is surely a very lucky day for you as it is your birthday and I wish you the best of happiness and smiles on this day!!!”

“You are really spooky and it has been proved as your birthday has fallen on Friday the 13th ….. Best wishes on your birthday dear!!!”

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  • pranita April 17, 2019, 2:09 pm

    I was born on 13 th June, 1997, FRIDAY.
    I came in this world, how it can be unlucky????