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Funny Friday the 13th Messages

In many western countries, Friday the 13th is considered inauspicious. So celebrate this not so lucky day with funny Friday the 13th text messages that will make your family and friends laugh out loud. Share with them Friday the 13th funny messages, funny Happy Friday quotes to celebrate this special day with a bit of humour.

Here is the collection of Friday the 13th messages and funny Friday messages to send across. You can even share funny Happy Friday messages for Facebook and WhatsApp.

Friday the 13th Funny Messages

“On Friday the 13th , weird things are suppose to happen and I am thinking that I might just end up falling in love with someone.”

“Wishing a very Happy Friday the 13th to the superstitious souls who think that what can happen on Friday the 13th cannot happen on Saturday the 14th.”

“Don’t waste your day by waiting to see that what happens on Friday the 13th and end up doing nothing good which could have made it a good day for you.”

“Good or bad is just in your head….. Friday the 13th is just in your mind….. Remember it is just a day and date combined and nothing else.”

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Funny Friday the 13th Text Messages

“If you really think that a particular day and date put together can bring you bad luck then you certainly have bad luck with you all your life.”

“Don’t touch any switch…. Don’t drive any vehicle…. Don’t walk on the roads….. Don’t eat any food because you might just get unlucky as it is Friday the 13th .”

“A month that begins on a Saturday will celebrate Friday the 13th …… It is a natural thing to happen with no luck involved in it.”

“Had you been lucky, there would have been no Friday the 13th and because there is one, so you are automatically unlucky.”

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Funny Friday the 13th Quotes and Sayings

“Unlucky are those who don’t have loved ones and not those who are celebrating Friday the 13th , it is just another date!!!”

“All sorts of bad things can happen to you on Friday the 13th so you must do nothing to ensure nothing bad happens to you….. Happy Friday the 13th “

“I am not afraid of Friday the 13th but I am certainly afraid of the people who are afraid of Friday the 13th .”

“When you do good things in life, nothing bad can happen and if you do wrong things then bad is sure to happen…. Don’t focus on Friday the 13th but focus on your actions.”

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