Cool Birthday Wishes

Cool Birthday Messages and Wishes

Birthdays are those special occasions when everyone loves to receive messages, balloons and cakes. It always pretty good to show off your feelings to your loved ones in a cool way then why not pick up a cool birthday message for them. Birthdays are synonym of celebrations. It’s the time to go out with friends and family and party hard. One should always do something unique on their birthday. We have come up with some cool birthday wishes and messages that you can share with your friends and family and give them that aura of coolness on their birthday.

1). Birthday message from that friend of yours who can’t count higher than 25. But I do remember both your birthday and your age. Happy Birthday buddy!

2). Well, birthdays shouldn’t be celebrated because you are a year older but for you a day older than yesterday. Happy Birthday wishes!

3). This message is for the one who doesn’t let age say who they are but rather say who they are by doing what they love. Birthday wishes to the coolest person I have ever known.

4). It’s your day. Birthday wishes to you with the message that dance like there is no audience to watch you. Promises to keep it away from you tube until your birthday gets over this year.

5). Birthday wishes to the person who knows the difference between growing up and growing old. Have a marvelous day and I’m sure you will as you are that charming person who knows how to have fun.

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