Belated Birthday Wishes

Belated Happy Birthday Messages

The perfect belated birthday wish has the power to bring back the smile on anyone’s face. Few things one should keep in mind while sending a belated message is that it should never sound like an afterthought, it should always try to ease the situation and it should sound apologetic. It should be a mix of sincerity and humor. By making a balance of these feature you can always make anyone happy even after a while their birthday have passed by. You should always try to make an excuse as to why you didn’t wish them on the right day with a silly joke and trust me it will bring your conflict to an end.

So here are few examples of best belated birthday messages which you can follow with your family and friends.

1). If you had postponed your birth by a week then this would have been your first birthday wish message. Happy Birthday to the person about whom I’m thinking too much these days.

2). I didn’t want to send you a text message on the day when everyone did as for me every day are special with you. Best Birthday Wishes.

3). Well, I followed the great old saying that we should celebrate our birthday both before and after it. So here I am to celebrate it after the special date. Birthday Wishes.

4). Though this message of happiness and love comes to you a little late but the amount of love doesn’t decrease even an ounce. Happy Birthday wishes to you.

5). Birthday wishes. This text message is been sent to you with double the gifts, hugs and kisses. Stay fabulous as always.

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