Best Funny Veterans Day Jokes | Military One Liners Jokes

Funny Veterans Day Jokes, Military One Liners Jokes, Messages

Make everyone smile and laugh on Veterans Day by sharing the funny Veterans Day memes and Veterans Day humor jokes with all. As we celebrate Veterans Day on November 11th, we must celebrate it with smiles and what’s better than clean Veterans Day jokes that make a wonderful share on this special day. Share with army, navy, air force, marine corps, the funny military one liners jokes.

In this post, we have come up with the best funny Veterans Day jokes, Veterans Day Messages. Make sure that you add little humor to Veterans Day by sharing these hilarious Veterans Day memes, jokes and one liners on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Best Funny Veterans Day Jokes, Funny Messages

“Thanking all the veterans on Veterans Day. It is because of you that we can watch movies on war sitting at home.”

“On the occasion of Veterans Day, we must remember that service and not sales are what a country needs.”

“Had veterans not been there, we would have been living as slaves somewhere.”

“There is more than just speeches, parades to remember veterans and celebrate Veterans Day.”

Veterans are the ones who heroically defend our rights to complain about Monday blues. Happy Veterans Day.”

“Today is the proud day for all the veterans and to enjoy their food and drinks with great pride. Happy Veterans Day.”

“A veteran is not born, a veteran is created with your own actions. Have a Happy Veterans Day.”

“Thanking all the veterans who served in the past and who are serving in the present.”

Funny Military One Liners Jokes

“You know you are completely safe when you are sleeping with a veteran. Happy Veterans Day.”

“Veterans are the real heroes who often miss the spotlight. Warm wishes on Veterans Day to our heroes.”

“Each and every scar that you wear is like a medal you have got for your service. Happy Veterans Day.”

“You may be fallen but you are not forgotten. Let us honor our Veterans Day.”

“Brave are the veterans who fought for us and who inspire us every day. Happy Veterans Day.”

“With veterans around, we have nothing to worry as they can take care of all the wrong happening around.”

“Partying on Veterans Day is not the right way to honor the veterans. Remember them and thank them.”

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