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veterans day message

Every year 11th November is celebrated as Veteran Day. It is celebrated on the 11th hour of the 11th day in the 11th month of the year. This day is celebrated to remember the sacrifices of brave army men of United States of America who gave their lives for making it the best nation in the world. On this day, send warm greetings and Veteran Day quotes to family and friends to remind them of the bravery and chivalry of the army of America.

Here are some motivational Veteran Day messages and small quotes that are perfect to wish everyone around.

1. Today is Veteran Day, the most special day which comes once in 365 days… the day to honor the veterans and their sacrifices…. Let us honor these brave men who have always fought for our safety, security and prosperity. Warm wishes to you on Veteran Day my friend.

2. Let us come together to honor the sailors and soldiers of our country, who always have worked for the welfare and safety of our nation…. And also honor the citizens who are working for the same cause. Sending heartfelt greetings on the occasion of Veteran Day.

3. On the occasion of Veteran Day, let us all remember the unconditional services of our veterans and let us come together to revive our promise to our nation to fulfill the obligations to all our veterans who gave their lives for the country. Warm wishes on this special day.

4. It is only a soldier and his family who bear the wounds and scars…. It is them who suffer the most for peace and protection of the country and today we must all remember them and their sacrifices and pray for their happiness and health. Greetings on Veteran Day.

5. For the freedom and safety of our nation, we must thank our soldiers for their support and sacrifices… they are ones who sacrifice all the comforts and pleasures for our safety. Pray for their wellness and happiness on the occasion of Veterans Day.

6. Today is the day to honor the men in uniform who are the strongest walls of our nations, who protect us from enemies and who are guarding us day and night so that we can sleep in peace. Sending Veteran Day wishes in remembrance of these brave men.

7. Let us offer prayers and send wishes to those men and women who have selflessly given their lives for the nation…. Who life in the toughest of conditions to serve us in the most difficult times…. Warm wishes on Veterans Day.

8. Today is the most special day…. for the brave men…living and dead… who have given their lives in the service of the nation without asking anything in return… let us remember their sacrifices and honor their services by celebrating Veterans Day.

9. Let us express our gratitude to all the men in uniform who have lived for the country and who have died for the country… Let us create a nation of their dreams as an honor to them… Warm wishes on the special Veterans Day.

10. Always regard soldiers as the highest men…they are someone’s beloved son, husband and father…. Let us pray for their safety, health and happiness as they fight for the honor of the country…. Best wishes on the occasion of Veteran Day.

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11. Without soldiers on the border, we cannot stay safe at all. They stay awake through day and night to guard our integrity. It is time to honor and celebrate their worth in our country. Happy Veterans Day to Them.

12. Respect is just an understatement in front of our martyred soldiers. They never take care of their lives and fight to protect ours. Let us remember such soldiers, who brought laurels to the country and wish happy Veterans Day to Them.

13. Teachers are those lamps, who have enlightened our souls with the beauty of education. They have worked hard to brighten the future of children and adolescents. This necessitates for wishing them happy Veterans Day.

14. Nothing in this world is as important as saving the life of others and not caring for oneself. Such is the courage that has kept soldiers above every civilian in the country. It becomes important to wish happy Veterans Day to them.

15. Veterans Day is meant to remember the officials, who have worked as torch bearers to smoothen the path of destiny for others. So, let us join the hands in wishing them Happy Veterans Day.

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