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away text messages

Away messages are a part of our life and it is necessary as well to let your close ones know you are away from them. The feeling of being away from your surroundings pours in your message and it is a way to make them feel your emotion. A text message which says you are away for some reason is to inform your belongings that you are alright and there is nothing to worry. It can be fun-filled or emotional, whatever you want. We present here many samples of your away message that you can use, which gives you a perfect text to inform others.

AIM Away Messages

AlM is a place people can interact with each by chatting or sharing ideas and it is your instant messaging (IM) service. Away message on AIM is just to let your friends know that you are unavailable to comment because you are away. A funny or sweet text message gives pleasure reading.

“How often you leave a message when I am away? Not once; so be satisfied because I am not near my computer right now. ”

Away Messages for Work

Give the details when you are way to your love ones by writing a simple away message for work. It makes your reader understand where you are and what you are doing now. Be close with the text message, even if you are away.

“I am unable to comment on your post; sadly I am away for some work. You no need to worry as I will be back soon.”

Away Messages for Maternity Leave

Away message on your maternity leave informs your office or belongings you may not able to work or stay other places due to the leave. Message is generally written in a professional format, but personal and touching messages can be written. It gives you the direct idea about the reason of your away.

“I am on a maternity leave so you need to contact other persons to look after the work in my absence. Not sure when I will back to work.”

Good Night Away Messages

Your near and dear ones are worried when you are away from them. A sweet good night away message brings you closer to them. It makes you emotional as well as makes your loved ones happy.

“I wish I were there to tell you good night, but for now my words give you a tight hug and tell you a sweet dream. I will soon be with you.”

Away Messages for Love

It is really hard to stay away from your love, but for some work you have to. Your pain of distance is somewhat reduced with a message of love and it brings you a warm feeling. Your touching words make a place in your loved one’s heart.

“Every moment feels like a decade without you. Now I am alone, but soon once again, I will make you my own. Love you.”

Thanksgiving Away Messages

When you are going away from your friends and belonging for some reason, a thanksgiving away message opens up your heart to those. There are lots of things you want to say to them and your written words express your emotional side. This type of text message is touchy in its sense.

“May your jokes become more laughable with time; I may not be there with you to share your laugh, but you will always be in my heart. Thank you. ”

Halloween Away Messages

Halloween comes with the spooky night and this time some people may plan a trick to scare their loved ones and some want to close with their belonging to pass a horror night. When you are away, your friends and family miss you a lot as this occasion brings all closer. A simple and sweet Halloween text message lets you share your fear with close ones.

“Halloween has come again, so lock your door and be ready with your crucifix, but open your heart so I can take an entry. Never feel you are alone, we together win the battle over fear.”

Away Messages for Vacation

It is a courteous gesture to let other people know that you are away for the vacation. For professionally and personally, the away message for vacation is to inform your surroundings, you are away. Your words can be fun fitted or typical official.

“Between the loads of files, I find a way to rest. I am away enjoying a vacation, but soon I will back to my normal path. Till then, ask others for any work.”

Going Away Messages

When one bids adieu from the friends and the surroundings, a loving going away message let others to know his/her feelings. Your sweet text make friends and family feel special and delight. Generally, your this letter is an emotional one that is written with the true feelings.

“I am saying goodbye only in the hope that we will meet you soon. I miss all your sharing and caring. Time may change, but you will always be the same to me as you are.”

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