Good Night Away Messages

Good Night Away Messages

Good night away message is all about wishing your near and dear ones a good night when you are away from them. A good night message not only wishes good night, but it also brings out your emotion and love to them. The words of the message present your feelings of being away from your friend, family and loved one. You can write your message in a funny, romantic and loving way and bring forth your purpose of writing. If you are searching for the good night away message for your friends, then you can check out our collection of good night away message samples, which is heart touching and sweet in manner.

Funny Good Night Away Messages

Bring smile on your loved one’s face with a funny good night message. Write your emotion in a funny way that makes your loved one feel special to you. Your message tells your loved one how much he/she is missed.

“Love is blind and so are the lovers, but even in the close eyes, they can see the most perfect vision of their life; just like me. When I close my eyes, I can see you and it makes my life perfect. Good Night.”

Good Night Away Messages for Girlfriend

When you are away from your girlfriend, there are lots of things you want to tell about your feelings and love. Sent a sweet and romantic text message explaining your all emotion to her and it makes you realize your feelings. Write a heart touching message with your love.

“You drive out the all darkness of the night and make my life bright, you are the star of the sky, which I can see, but I cannot touch. I wish I were there with you to feel the silence of the night together. Good night.”

Miscellaneous Samples of good night away message

“With you, I cannot see the darkness of night; rather the sparkling star makes a romantic ambience of love.  In the dim light of night, you and I are there and no one is there in the land. Good night.”

“Stars, hide your fire, let not light to see our loving desire; surround is dark, but my life is not; because when you are with me, my life gets its meaning. Though I am apart, but I am always in your heart. Good night.

“I wish I could make my dream in real, so I can give you hug and keep you in my arms always. It is true, I am not with you, but find me in your heart, I am always there with you.”

“I don’t need the light of stars to make my night bright, because for me, it is your smile that can wipe out darkness of night. So keep smiling even though I am not with you, because your smile makes me always right.”

“Night is the beginning of a new day, so I wish you a good night so as your new beginning be good always. Do not avoid the darkness of the night, because if darkness is not there, we cannot enjoy the fun of light. Good night.”

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