Funny Good Night Away Messages

Funny Good Night Away Messages

Wish good night to your friends, family and loved one with a funny and beautiful good night away message. If you miss your close ones, then a good night away message carries your thoughts to them and you can choose a fun-loving way to make your friends happy. The words of the message express your emotion in a light way that brings smiles to your close one’s face.

Here a beautiful collection of funny good night away message is listed for you:

1). Don’t make noise in a silent night and it is time to keep quiet and close your eyes. Birds are sleeping, the sun is resting, only the moon is watching you to make sure you are sleeping or not. So, good night for now and bye.

2). When darkness covers up the earth, don’t be scared as it is the beginning of a sunny morning; if you are still scared, then think of the moments of our love and smile always. No ghost can touch you as long as I am there with you. Good night.

3). The night is romantic, so are we, but the distance is there and we have to cross it together. By miles, it may be difficult, but by love you are always there with me. Share your emotion with me and make the night memorable. Good night.

4). Look at the stars outside, it may have something to tell you. Hear it and they tell you that you look prettier than them and some miles away there is one who always loves you. Good night dear.

5). Stars are hiding their light, moon is resting in the clouds that make the night gloomy. If you are scared of then give a beautiful smile to them, they all are back to their work and make the night romantic and light. Good night.

6). Since I have fallen in love with you, I see the moon becomes bigger, stars are shinning more now as if everything falls in love with you. It is just the magic of your smile that makes me mad for you. Love you and good night.

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