Away Messages for Love

Love Away Messages

Away message for love is written when you are away from your loved one. The words of the message express your love. The message brings out your emotion of love to your loved one through the text message. You can also give the best wishes through the words, but as it is for the loved one, then the away message brings those memories alive that you have spent together. You can present your love in a funny or in a romantic way. Here we give you a beautiful collection of away message samples for your love.

Sad Love Away Messages

It is true that being away from your loved one gives you pain, but writing a love away message brings you closer to your loved one. The words of the message express how much you missed your loved one. The message tone may be sad, but it also gives a pleasure of being together with the heart.

“Though I am away from you, but you are in my every thought. It is true, distance makes us sad, but it also increases the desire of being together. The moments we have spent never let me alone, you are in my heart, I can see you even in my close eyes and in dark.”

Funny Away Messages for Love

Love is beautiful, but sometimes we need to stay away from the loved one for many reasons, so writing a funny away message for love brings a sweet smile on your loved one’s face and it presents your emotion of love though in a funny way.

“Love is blind; it is true, that is why lovers feel night is brighter than a day’s sunshine. For me, night is romantic when I am with you and my dream is sweet if it is about you. My love is intense and endless that distance cannot break. I love you.”

Lost Love Away Messages

Breakup in a relationship is really heartbreaking and your lost love away message presents your true feeling to your loved one. The words of the message are written in a very loving way that express your emotion. It is all about letting your loved one know how much you missed her.

“You walked away from me, but cannot take all those memories along with you. It is still here in my heart reminds me of you. I live in your smile and if going away from me makes you smile, then I smile too, but in pain. All the best.”

Falling in Love Away Messages

If you realize, you love someone, but he/she is away from you, then write a beautiful love away message to express your feelings of falling in love with him/her. The message presents your emotion of first and the words bring out your true feeling. A sweet loving text helps in proposing him/her.

“All say when you are part away from something, then you can feel those things are precious. It is true, because when I am with you, I didn’t know how much you were near to me. But being away from you, I feel I love you and I can sense you in my every heartbeat. Miss you.”

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