AIM Away Messages

AIM Away Messages

AIM away messages are short and fun loving. The words of the message express your emotion to your loved one, friend and family. You can post loving away message, sad message, and funny and miss you away message, depending on the mood. When you are away, it is usual that you miss your loved one, so sending an AIM away message brings your friend and family closer to you. Express your emotion through the words. Here we present a beautiful collection of AIM away message and you can draft it as per your wish.

AIM Love Away Messages

Post your loved message on the instant messaging service for your loved one and give him/her a surprise. You are away, but a loving message can reduce your pain. The message makes your loved one happy.

“No distance ever makes me apart from you because you are always in my heart. Your smile makes me smile and your love makes my life beautiful.”

AIM Sad Away Messages

Away messages are sad in that sense because you are away from your loved one. Send AIM sad away message to your loved one to let him/her know that you miss your loved one. The words of the message bring out your emotion of love.

“You are not with me to share my emotion, to hold me in your arms and promise me never let me go. I miss you because I love you. Come back soon to once again make me your own.”

Funny AIM Away Messages

AIM is the simplest way to communicate with the people. You can send messages through the chat and when you are away, you can send a funny message to your loved one to bring a sweet smile to his/her face. The words of the message are written in a funny way.

“I know being with me is a difficult thing, but I congratulate you to do it. Not only that, but you share your emotion and love with me and make my life wonderful. I love you.”

Miss you AIM Away Messages

Send miss you messages to your loved one on AIM. The words of the message express your feelings of love and it tells your loved one that he/she is missed. Your miss you message makes your loved one feel special to you.

“Without you, there is no happiness in success, no smile in joy, I can only the pain. I wish I could be there with you and leaning down my head on your shoulder, I could spend time in your love. Miss you.”

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