Romantic Friendship Messages for Girlfriend

Romantic Friendship Messages for Girlfriend

Romantic friendship wishes for the girlfriend can be sent to express the romantic feelings as well as the friendship wishes for the girlfriend. The wishes can be sent through text messages along with gifts of love for the girlfriend. The wishes let the girlfriend know how much the sender has feelings for her.

Below are best sample  of romantic friendship text messages that you can send to your girlfriend.

1). I send you romantic and sweet friendship wishes through this text message. May our friendship relationship become more sweet and beautiful with time.

2). My girlfriend, I am sending you beautiful love cards and gifts of your choice. I wish you like them and I hope our friendship bond grows stronger and deeper.

3). My love, I send my love and good wishes for your life. I really love all that you do for me and I consider myself to be fortunate to have such a beautiful person in my life.

4). Sending you all my love to make your day beautiful. I am happy to have you as my good friend and I wish our friendship grows stronger as time passes.

5). Your love has brought so many happy moments in my life. Our friendship has turned into a bond of love which will stay forever. I love you, my girlfriend.

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