Friendship Sorry Messages for Best Friend

Friendship Sorry Messages for best friend

The friendship sorry wishes for best friends are sent to seek apology from the friend for any wrong doing or for hurting the best friend. The friendship sorry wishes can be sent through text messages along with gifts for the best friend which would make him or her feel good and special.

Given below are some  of friendship sorry messages for best friend with sample.

1). I am sorry I was not able to be in touch with you during the last few days as I was really busy. I know you will forgive me because you have a big heart and you cannot be angry with your best friend.

2). I am sorry that I broke your trust. But I know you will forgive me and I promise I will not repeat such a behavior in the future.

3). I said so many bad things and you did not even reply back. I am really sorry for what I said. Please forgive me. Friends like you are priceless.

4). Sorry for I really behaved rudely with. There was some kind of misunderstanding and I blamed you. I am really ashamed of my behavior, dear friend.

5). I know I did very wrong by lying to you. I know I hurt you badly. No matter what happens our friendship will last forever. I am sorry, friend.

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