Sorry Messages for Friends

Sorry Messages for Friends

The sorry wishes for the friends are sent to apologize for any mistake or for hurting the friend in any way. The messages can be sent through text messages for the friends. Often misunderstandings or wrong deeds occur in the beautiful relationship called friendship between friends because of a misdeed by a single friend among them. As such, the guilty friend sends sorry messages to the friends to apologize and express his or her guilty feelings for the wrong doing. The friends then decide to forgive for the mistake. Some of the samples of sorry messages for friends examples sent in different ways are given below:

Funny Sorry Messages for Friends

Funny sorry messages are sent through text message along with smileys which would make the friend pardon the guilty person. The wishes contain funny and humorous words which bring a smile on the lips of the friend and make him or her feel good.

“For my friend, you know I am the foulest of the friend’s lot and I deserve a slap from you for hurting you. So I am sorry and I am willingly ready and will definitely be expecting you tomorrow morning for the beating you would offer me.”

Sweet Sorry Messages for Friends

Sweet sorry wishes include chosen sweet words for the friends and are sent through text messages for them. The sweet short wishes makes the friends feel happy and make them forgive the guilty friend. The wishes are a way of trying to change the mind of the friend towards a good mood.

“I am extremely sorry my friend for hurting you yesterday and ask for forgiveness from you. I know that you are one of the good people around my life and I expect you to forgive me like a sweet person.”

Long Sorry Messages for Friend

The best long sorry messages for friends are the long length ones which are sent to the friends for seeking forgiveness for any wrong deed done. The wishes are long since they are written with special notes along with the words describing the sorry seeking by the guilty friend. The cute messages should describe the real feelings of the sorry seeking.

“My friend, I am very sorry that I did a grave thing by hurting you yesterday. I am ashamed at myself for by mocking at you in front of everybody. I am very guilty and ask for forgiveness from you for the wrong doing. I hope you will forgive me for my mistake.”

Sorry Love Messages for Friends

The sorry love wishes for friends expresses the love feelings in addition to the apology seeking words from the guilty friend for any wrong action done by him or her. The messages can be sent to the friends through text messages to express the real sorry feelings of the guilty friend.

“For my beautiful friend, I am sorry for my wrong action of hurting you yesterday and I ask for forgiveness from you for it. I love you a lot and I am very grateful to have a special friend like you with me. I hope you will forgive me for my mistake, dear friend.” 

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