Friendship Invitation Messages for Best Friend

Friendship Invitation Messages for Best Friend

The friendship invitation wishes are sent to the best friends who have become a new best friend and have joined the friends group as a new member. The friendship invitation can be sent through good text messages to the best friend to make an attempt at starting close friendship. One can send gifts for the best friend.

Below are some of cute friendship invitation messages for best friend with sample example.

1). I am sending you this invitation to be a friend of mine. I like you as a sweet person and would like that we become friends with each other.

2). May I have the pleasure of being friends with you. Let us bond together and make this friendship exciting and new.

3). I am really interested in being friends with you. Please accept my friendship invitation. I promise I won’t let you down.

4). Please accept this invitation from a person who wishes to be your friend and support you in all times. I will always try to keep you happy.

5). This message is sent as an invitation for being friends with me. I will always be there for you and we will make this bond stronger.

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