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Women's Friendship Day message

The third Saturday in the month of September is celebrated as Women’s Friendship Day. Friendship with a woman is always the most special relationship as they are always there to listen to your problems, to console you and to motivate you in life. They are the true friends…friends for life. If you also have a female friend then send her a lovely Women’s Friendship Day 2023 message to wish her. Here are some of the most beautiful Women’s Friendship Day messages , Wishes, Status Messages and lovely quotes that make your female friend special on this unique day.

Women’s Friendship Day Greetings Messages for Her

“Wishing a very Happy Women’s Friendship Day to a lady who is strong, vivacious, ambitious and simply stunning…. May you are always smiling and happy!!!”

“On the occasion of Women’s Friendship Day, I thank God for giving me a wonderful friend like you who has brought so much positivity and happiness in my life.”

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Happy Womens Friendship Day Quotes for Him

“A woman feels double stronger when she has a man like you by her side…. Thanks for being there for me always….. Best wishes on Women’s Friendship Day to you.”

“Sending my best wishes to you on Women’s Friendship Day because men like you always make women feel special, respected and loved.”

Women’s Day Friendship Quotes

“Being friends with a woman is the most beautiful gift of God because she will care for you like a child and would never leave you when you are in trouble.”

“They will stay together through thick and thin… They will always have each other’s back…. They will never let each other down…. Cheers to women’s friendship.”

Women’s Friendship Day Wishes Messages and Whatsapp Status 2023

1. You are the most thoughtful and caring friend I have…. There is no one better than you… who understands me well and supports me unconditionally. I want to thank you for your immense support which helped me face challenges of life. Wishing you Happy Women’s Friendship Day.

2. You are the most amazing woman I know…. You always inspire me the way you have managed different facets of your life, the way you perform different roles without complaining…. Hats off to the most inspiring woman I know. Sending you best wishes on Women’s Friendship Day.

3. Woman like you always motivate people around them to push their limits and do something extra… You have been a great friend, a wonderful wife and a loving mother…. You never fail anyone rather show the world the true meaning of life. Happy Women’s Friendship Day.

4. The one thing for which I always thank God is your friendship because it is most precious thing to me. You have always given me all your support through thick and thin. You have always been there to listen to me and understand me. Cheers to our friendship on Friendship Day.

5. Dear lady, you are my strength when I am surrounded with problems, my reason to smile when I am dejected and stressed, my prayer when I have lost faith in life…… You are my dearest friend who has always been there for me. Wishing you a very Happy Women’s Friendship Day.

6. One of the most beautiful creations of God are women…. They love us, care for us and support us like our strongest pillar!!! They are always there for us, listening to our problems and giving us strength to fight back. Thanks for being the special friend to me. Cheers to our relationship!!

7. For all these years, our friendship has grown deeper and stronger….. it is because of your love and affection, your motivation and support…. That I have been able to come such a long way. I wish you a very Happy Women’s Friendship Day…. You are the most beautiful lady I know.

8. Life is incomplete without the existence of a woman… She gives you birth, imparts you strength to grow, becomes your friends, adores you like a lover and takes care of you as a daughter. Every stage of life is blessed with wonderful woman like you. Thanks for being a part of my life.

9. The only person who can take care of you like a mother and pamper you like a lover is woman…. And you are the most important lady in my life who has always showered me with love and amazing support to do the best. Wishing you a very Happy Women’s Friendship Day.

10. Dearest friends, you are my strength and the most beautiful blessing from God. Your support, love and affection have always motivated me to become a much better person. Thanks for being there for me through every problem. I wish you a wonderful Women’s Friendship Day.

Fine collection of International Women’s Day Messages contains many fabulous women’s day wishes. These today’s greeting messages on International women’s day will be fun to share.

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